Mutlaq: We will not go back to the Council of Ministers without achieving my conditions
On: Friday 2/10/2012 7:27

Baghdad / term
Deputy Prime Minister, yesterday, he would not return to his official duties in the Cabinet without giving guarantees to change the political process, adding to the whole world that the situation in Iraq is very serious.

Said Saleh al-Mutlaq, "I will not go back to the Council of Ministers and the functions of political one without guarantees to change the course of the political process, the direction that lays the foundations for a genuine partnership in government and in Iraq as a whole", calling on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to "stay away from his approach the individual and provide the required assurance that assure all his opponents and all Iraqis, including the initiative soon to declare and implement the decisions which formed the government on the basis of the agreement Erbil. "
and called "Iraqi politicians to hold a political agreement before the Arab summit in Baghdad to ensure its success," warning "on the university to make sure of the success of the National Congress and care about the order ensure that they will deal with the whole of Iraq and not with part of it, and that calls for Maliki to provide guarantees and deliver a statement confirming its commitment to the results of the National Congress. "
He al-Mutlaq "The ministers and Gulf Arabs are responsible for the whole nation, and are not responsible for the specific area," pointing out that "the situation in Iraq is grave, and there is the problem of determining the identity of Iraq, is it a sectarian, racial, national or national. "
He explained that "Iraq can not be it to stand alone without the aid his brethren Arabs in the rejection and the prohibition of sectarian, and in the integration of the system of economic, political, social, even security, as well as in combating terrorism, "persisting" I confirm to all Arabs and neighboring countries and the world that the situation in Iraq is still very dangerous. "
He al-Mutlaq: the issue of convening the Arab summit in Baghdad is so great, but you must take this summit that was held at the time of the crisis Iraq in mind, he said, adding that "the Arab summit double-edged sword, the managed successfully Iraq and the Arabs, and returned Iraq and returned to him, although not committed to do so failed, and become a protocol like many of the previous summits, which means the continued isolation of Iraq, and the continued control of the agendas of other deeper and painful effects of the many" .
It is said that the Iraqi scene is witnessing major complications after the offer of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's request to Parliament to isolate his deputy, Saleh al-Mutlaq from office, on the basis that it lacks efficiency, and came after he described the last prime minister to "dictatorship."
Furthermore, according to the Arab group in Kirkuk Provincial Council, that the Iraqi government released 43 detainees from the people of Kirkuk, the authorities had arrested two months ago on charges of belonging to the Baath Party.

A member of the Arab group in the Kirkuk council, Mohammed Khader, "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, instructed the government authorities to release 43 detainees out of 48 of the people of Kirkuk, the government force arrested two months ago. "
and added that "the process of release has been on bail and Minister of Education Mohammad Tamim, who put the issue on the prime minister in the Cabinet meeting held yesterday."
The vegetables that "released them had been arrested on charges of malicious which belong to the Baath Party, as they were simple people living away from the political parties, "noting that" the detainees were 48 people, was released 43 of them directly from the capital, Baghdad sponsored by the Minister of Education, and that five detainees Mazloa in detention because of the similarity of names will be released within two days. "
The Kirkuk has witnessed the raids carried out by the joint forces led to the arrest of 48 charges of belonging to the dissolved Baath Party.
The province of Kirkuk, and its city of Kirkuk, 250 km north of Baghdad, witnessing almost daily armed attacks by armed groups, while the security forces are trying hard to impose control through continued proliferation when the main roads, and doing from time to time the implementation of campaigns, raids and searches for militants and wanted.