Wise attacks the large number of absent deputies .. The decision of the Parliament: Allawi in the forefront of

On: Friday 2/10/2012 7:28

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president of the Supreme Islamic Council, al-Hakim members of the House of Representatives for their absence to attend its sessions and disable the bills particularly in the services, stressing that "it is not shameful to argue that the flawed but we can not see to find one we agree."

Ammar al-Hakim, in his speech during the ceremony a week love and compassion, who set up on Wednesday the Supreme Council on the occasion of the birth of the Great Prophet (r) "Today we celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the human is located the greatest on this planet
Today we celebrate the Week of love and affection as it was called Aziz, Iraq, may God have mercy on him , and that was the birth of the Prophet may Allah bless him and his family and him, and most of the novel between 12 and 17 March the first, "adding that" this name came to unite the Muslims and to be a week to meet with the loved one, there is also another occasion, namely the birth of Imam Jafar bin Muhammad Sadiq . "
He al-Hakim, "The Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and his family and him, not a symbol we remember and salute him and get down to practice our daily lives in isolation but it is the leader and the father and the lessons that are bound to draw inspiration from the lessons."
The head of the Supreme Council that "these lessons first, preparing the Divine, we find that God had prepared the prophets before were grown their tasks communicate the message the Islamic religion to humanity, "adding that" the Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and his family moved from the stage of sincere Secretary to the prophet leader, and was supervised families, namely the family of the Quraish, it is that we see the family a larger role for such preparation. "
said Hakim, that "our Middle Eastern is not aware of the importance of nurturing good we see that the child has the skills and great potential but quickly lost when he grows up because we did not sleep, these skills and capabilities as does the West." .
He said al-Hakim, "The second lesson must be learned from the master objects Muhammad may Allah bless him and his family and him, is the science and knowledge, as we must find out why we worship God and why we pray and we fast, we read the Book of Allah Fbalalm we can find out all of that to integrate our worship to God, science is the way all the progress and development, and ignorance is the path of delinquency and loss. "
"The third lesson is to trust in God because it is a great treasure and a formidable force gives man strength, determination and moral value because God supports the slave and puts his trust in him will not Ikhzlh God never."
continued the leader of Supreme Islamic Council that "patience and persistence is the fourth lesson that must be learned from the Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and his family and him, all he suffered from harassment and accusations and attempts to impeach him and he suffered not being exposed to the Prophet of prophets, the 124, and in spite of all this was patient Many pray for the nation stick to the message of Islam. "
said al-Hakim, said that "to address the hypocrisy of the lessons that must be learned is also the fifth lesson, which Nstlhmh of the Prophet may Allah bless him and his family and peace of this phenomenon, which is reported in more than 600 verse the Holy Quran and were encountered by the Prophet may Allah bless him and his family and him, in the Arabian Peninsula of infidels, but did not lose sight of the main task of a Report message, and fought with each Almtsidin him from the hypocrites. "
He continued: "The sixth lesson is leadership behavior was the Apostle cares successfully Islamic project was concerned with matters side, as happened in Khudaibiya when student supporters Muslim attack on the unbelievers and fight them but he refused and preferred to return again to enter the opening and thus successful project. "
Hakim said, "It must on this occasion to recall the unity and harmony and difference and the nature of difference and multiplicity Alroi, because the unit does not materialize However, approach acceptance of pluralism and difference because history is made ​​depending on day and night and people differentiate Bolsntha and natural differentiate the different colors should not concern the difference because it is the essence of pluralism, "saying he was" not flawed to argue but shameful that we can not find a single vision care interests of us all, so you should turn the unit to a sense of touch in Adbeatna life to be the approach the Prophet, peace be upon his family and him. "
He said, "who wants to drag Iraq into a quagmire of sectarian, he is mistaken because the Iraqis are living under one roof and under the circle and the alley and the house and one bed and plays the sectarian strife is the loser . "
he asked, the reasons for the absence of deputies from the meetings of Parliament saying that "the absence of Representatives and the postponement of meetings initiated by the important laws were repeated frequently, the was for the purpose of travel in order to achieve the interests of Iraq and the Iraqi people Fbalamkan distribution of roles without affecting the quorum, but if the travel is to something else what is more important than solving people's problems and achieve their interests, "calling that" there is more cooperation from the government to provide better services to citizens. "
and said that "the government and parliament and the state adopted to solve the problems people do not be a problem, extra because the transformation into a crisis will complicate matters and makes it far from the interests of the people. "
explained Mr. Hakim said the preoccupation with the problems distance us from the follow-up people's problems and resolution as the summer coming and the problem of electricity a list of unresolved in addition to the many problems in services and others, noting what response will be political demands of the citizens, do you will say that he is currently busy problems and leave the issues of citizens?
The President of the Islamic Supreme Council, that "the country needs the unity of the word and make the concessions and not paying attention to minor things to the interests of the people."
In addition, confirmed the decision the House of Representatives Muhammad Al-Khalidi that the leader of the Iraqi List Iyad Allawi is more deputy fails to attend meetings of the Council of Representatives during the last period.
said Khalidi told the Euphrates News that "at the top of the list of absences from the meetings of the House of Representatives the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi, the head of the list of attendees president of the National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari and President of the Kurdistan Alliance Fouad infallible. "
and added that "there are other Vice have a proven track record of absence, but there are problematic you get through the registration of each absence from a meeting of parliament while they are in the dispatch of an official," adding that "the cause of this dilemma due to the lack of knowledge of parliamentary committees to which he belongs these members, leading to registration in the list of absences. "
Khalidi noted that "every deputy in the House of Representatives his unusual vacation for 15 days and sick leave for 15 days in each legislative term."