News and reports : changes in the security leaders and the most important intelligence Chiefs of Staff

 Union: ، A source of political beginning, Wednesday, the commander of the armed forces of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has ordered changes in the security leaders in the country and leaders of the military teams, the source said "Alsumaria News",

. "The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Nouri al-Maliki during the last meeting he held with the leaders of the army ordered that receives the Director of the Office of the Adjutant General of the Armed Forces of the team's first corner Farouk al-Araji, the position of Chief of Staff of the army instead of Lieutenant-General Babacar Zebari," adding that "al-Maliki also ordered that receives spokesman for the office and on behalf of the Baghdad Operations Command team Qassim Atta as intelligence chief.". The source, who requested anonymity, that "al-Maliki cost is also commander of the Sixth Army, Major General Ahmed Abbadi take over as commander of ground forces instead of the team Ali Ghaidan, the commander of the eighth Brigadier Qais Muhammadawi the post of commander of the sixth, as well as to assume the assistant chief band of the 11 post of commander of the eighth. " The source continued that "commands include take over the deputy commander of al-Karkh as commander of the band's first rapid intervention rather than Brigadier General Sabah al-Azzawi, who will assume the post of commander of Nineveh operations instead of Major General on behalf of al-Tai, and take the commander of the fourth year in the army Brigadier Hamid Muhammad as leader of the Rusafa instead of the team Karim Izzi, who takes the post of Deputy Chief of Staff of the army. ". The source pointed out that "al-Maliki also ordered the commander of the brigade to take over the protection of the Presidium of the Republic Kohdar Brigadier Mohammed Saeed as the fourth division commander in the army."