300 deputies had not seen the agreement Erbil

Date: Thursday, 09/02/2012 10:10

Baghdad / term
He called on the Iraqi bloc white Kazem Al Shammari to reveal a working paper containing what will be put through the issues of the National Congress is expected to take place during the coming period. He explained in a written statement moved the Information Bureau of the long block and got a copy of it "among the 325 deputies in parliament, I believe that 300 of them had not seen the agreement as stated in Arbil, Barzani's initiative,

The situation is the same applies today to the National Congress, "adding that" the papers that will be discussed which is shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. "He added" in our review of the statements of politicians, we see that each block to talk about what you want to be put in the National Congress, while he must be a paper prepared in advance so that the political blocs to express their views and observations.

"He said Shammari," The survival of the topic in this figure means that
the majority of politicians do not know what will be discussed during the conference, which could adversely affect the outcome of the conference.