Anbar, confirm that the implementation of the central government of any of its demands

8.2.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Alsumaria News / Anbar, said the provincial council in Anbar province, on Wednesday, the central government has not implemented any requirement of the demands of maintaining twenty-despite the passage of two months, while he noted that Sikad meeting full members next Sunday to take a stand. The vice president of the provincial council Saadoun al-Shaalan in interview for "Alsumaria News", "the Committee charged with monitoring the implementation of the demands of Anbar province, the twentieth by the central government submitted its final report in conjunction with the end of the period specified to take actions," noting that "the Commission confirmed in its report that the central government has not implemented any requirement in spite of the passage of two months. " said Shaalan that "the government had released 23 people all of the 49 were arrested during the previous period," asserting that "the release stated, in accordance with the law and the Iraqi judiciary Bnbarithm and not according to the will of the government." The Deputy Chairman of the Anbar province, "What authorized by the parties from the Baghdad government on the implementation of the demands of Anbar province, no truth to it, and there is nothing on the ground so far, "noting that" al-Maliki issued a formal letter to all ministries, the implementation of the demands quickly but it did not comply with the directives of government. " He al-Shaalan that "the Council the province will be held next Sunday meeting of full council to decide a constitutional and legal at the lack of implementation of any of our demands are legitimate and constitutional. " He gave the province of Anbar, an emergency session held in (December 19, 2011), the central government 14 days to implement the twentieth requirement constitutionally and legally, threatening to take the decision to "critical" in the event of non-implementation. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, earlier this year, the competent authorities to implement all the demands made ​​by the provincial council in Anbar, as pointed out their portfolios to form a committee in the Prime Minister's Office to follow up the implementation of the demands with the concerned ministries and institutions . and warned political parties several of the repercussions of the situation in Iraq and the continued arrests, saying it will not stand idly in front of what they called "continuing violations", as pointed out that the security services continued in a series of arbitrary arrests and gross violations of human rights of Iraq in all governorates of Iraq . The political scene in the Iraq crisis is aggravation claim some provinces the establishment of regions including the Declaration of the province of Salah al-Din provinces economically and administratively protest against the marginalization and arrest procedures, ablation, which affected dozens of children, and depriving them of the allocations of financial and grades they deserve, as announced by the majority of the Diyala province territories, while threatening the other provinces, particularly Anbar, Nineveh and Basra, to take similar steps.

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