Deputy of the State of Law will be put through the National Conference of the Convention on the security ministries Erbil name only

8.2.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Baghdad (news) , member of a coalition of state law, the National Alliance MP Mansour al-Tamimi, that one paragraph will be during the National Conference of the Convention on Arbil, a designation of the security ministries. Timimi said in a statement (of the Agency news) on Wednesday: The Convention on the Erbil carried out was elected presidencies three (of the Republic, Ministers, House of Representatives) and the formation of the government and the Iraqi List, participate effectively, stressing that one paragraph will be during the National Conference of the Convention on Erbil, a term of the security ministries, and part of the large delay label borne by the Iraqi National List for submission of candidates covered by the procedures of the accountability and justice, and some of them withdrew her candidacy. The MP for the National to be, the terms of the agreement have been implemented, and the remaining Council policies which its law violates the Constitution, but he also said: The conference is expected to take place will discuss all the differences between the blocks and not between the Iraqi national, but will also include the problems between the provinces and the government as well as the region and the center . and was a member of the State of Law MP / National Alliance / Shaker Darraji reported that the blocks of winning the elections and to participate in the government that will represent the National Conference only without the participation of the blocks that did not win. Daraji said in an earlier statement (the news): The national meeting will be held in the near future and now there are dialogues preliminary to meet in order to organize its agenda and asked all the political problems unresolved. He added that the most important topics to be discussed are the outstanding problems between the political blocs in addition to resolving the security ministries and some agencies and Kiedah teams and positions that are not resolved, indicating that the national meeting will not be a distribution of positions, but the implementation of previous agreements concluded between the political blocs. He pointed out: that the parties winning the elections that will represent the national meeting without a post of the blocks that did not win and that does not mean the exclusion of those blocks, but to have the opportunity to stand for the next election.

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