Spokesman for the Kurdistan Democratic Party: National Conference has been postponed because of crisis situations in the region with

8.2.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Sulaymaniyah (news) spokesman Leadership Council Democratic Party of Kurdistan in Sulaimaniya, Abdul Wahab Alian that the reasons for delay the convening of the National Conference of Kurdistan date back to the crisis situation in the region and the presence of the parties considers itself the guardian of the Kurdish people. said the conference Alian (of the Agency news) said on Wednesday: The postponed conference happened because of the regional situation and the political crisis in the region, in general, where he was scheduled to take place this month in Erbil. and added, we completed all the preparations and we have set up a special committee to the conference, but we are waiting for the Kurdish parties other in order to participate in the conference he said, adding that the doors of the conference is open to all political parties the Kurdish, but some are trying to make himself the guardian of the Kurdish people. said: that the PKK shows himself as the only party which carries the banner of Kurdish nationalism, and the reasons that led to the delay of the conference.

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