Deputy for the State of Law: National Meeting held no later than February
On: Tuesday 02/07/2012 15:32

Baghdad (news) .. Predicted by a coalition of state law MP / National Alliance / Abbas Hammoud broadly, a National Meeting during the month of February now.
said broadly in a statement (of the Agency news) on Tuesday: The Preparatory Committee the problem of (6) members of the political blocs in addition to the President National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari will put times and place of the conference and the number of Hadharah and agenda, after the collected papers of action submitted by the political blocs, noting that the Forum held during the next few days does not exceed the month of February now, because most of its requirements have been completed.
and MP from the national meeting political blocs to yesterday, and the presence of the three presidencies (the Republic, Ministers, House of Representatives) positive start for the start of a National Meeting.
The leader of the block free of the Sadrist movement MP / National Alliance / Jawad Hasnawi, has accused some political blocs that it is working to thwart the National Congress for to obtain political gains or to stay to maintain the gains.
said Hasnawi (the news): Since the introduction of the idea of a national conference were some of the blocks is seeking to thwarted and not achieved because its achievements if achieved will be calculated to the government or block specific, and they made ​​put the points to be discussed during the conference for the gains or stay on what I got from the gains, he must be of the political blocs genuine desire and out of the bottlenecks present experiencing problems not only between the Iraqi List, and a coalition of state law, but between the government and the provinces and the center.
He called for national: political blocs to realize seriousness of the problems with convulsions taking place in the Arab and global crisis between Iran and the United States that may be plaguing Iraq, and we must close ranks and make the government and the powerful House of Representatives.