Criticizes the vegetative increase the operating budget at the expense of investment in the budget of 2012 and described as "big mistake"

07/02/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
BAGHDAD - Where criticized the deputy of the mass of the citizens of parliamentary increase the operating budget at the expense of the investment budget in the general budget for 2012. MP said Hamid vegetative told all of Iraq [where] that "the increase in the budget of 2012, which amounted to about 21 trillion dinars for the previous year's budget 2011 Unfortunately, he went from fourteen trillion dinars to the operating budget which includes government expenditures such as salaries and this is a big mistake and should have been allocated this increase to the investment budget such as implementation of development projects and reconstruction of infrastructure or increase the salaries of retirees and to support the ration card. " and added that "our observations of other on the budget bill as a budget is not meaningful in the sense that the legislator in the House of Representatives does not know what does and what its purpose and as if confined to his mission in the discussion and voting on them only in addition to that the budget should be complementary to the predecessors of budgets, no there will be episodes of coherent and sequential in its terms and is cut off from the bills that the previous budgets. " The government has approved in early last December's 2011 budget in 2012 a total amount of [100] billion dollars, which is the largest budget in the history of Iraq, according to government agencies. and distributed the financial budget for Iraq for 2012 by 68% for operational projects, while 32% went for the investment budget. The House of Representatives has completed at its sixteenth session in 31 of the month January to read the draft general budget of the country in 2012.

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