Pin until the House of Representatives Budget Holiday Love
On: Tuesday 02/07/2012 10:43

 Baghdad / term
The failure of the House of Representatives yesterday to hold its meeting scheduled in the budget discussion for 2012, and it seems that the parliamentary blocs, despite the return of the Iraqi List, the Council of Representatives, has hit infection province, it is out of 200 deputies did not attend the hearing yesterday only 129 deputies, forcing the presidency Council to suspend the meeting due to lack of quorum, and it was hoped that the House of Representatives held its Chapter 19 of the second legislative year of the second legislative,

He was scheduled to dedicate a session yesterday to discuss the budget and the completion of the blocks, including Remarks Iraqi List, which was a province of the sessions, which saw the budget discussion.

Lack of a quorum is some promise of Representatives, "strange" in light of the return of the Iraqi parliament, making it very easy to complete quorum of any meeting, especially that92 deputies from the province of Iraqdid not affect the quorum of the previous sessions.

He said deputies from the different blocks that what happened yesterday, not a sense of responsibility, and described the completion of the budget as "the best national acts," because of its direct contact with the lives of citizens.

He accused the leader of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman, who caused the House of Representatives to lift the parliamentary session, Tuesday, February 14 to present the "negligence and irresponsibility," considering not entering the hall of the House of Representatives after they signed on to attend the parliament building breach of the constitutional oath.

Uthman said to the correspondent term in parliament, "was supposed to end the House of Representatives to discuss the budget for the current year and discuss the report of the Finance Committee around, and the resolution of outstanding matters even more, but we were surprised not to achieve a quorum of the meeting", accusing the perpetrators to raise the meeting to February 14 present as "shortening people's right and not a sense of responsibility." For its part, considered the Chairperson of the Development Committee of Parliament MP Hanan al,
"The House of Representatives and the absentees who did not attend yesterday's meeting does not have the slightest sense of responsibility and shame that we call them the name of deputy immunity and privileges to it."

It noted the MP for the coalition of state law that the absences were from different blocs, including members of the coalition of state law and generally claim the presidency of parliament to take penalties against them, especially for those who is absent without legitimate excuse.

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