Statement of the meeting of representatives of the political blocs

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Republic of Iraq
Office of the President
Press Office News: February 6, 2012 , met on Monday evening at the headquarters of 06.02.2012 President of the Republic in Baghdad, representatives of political blocs, the National Alliance and the coalition in Iraq and a coalition of Kurdish blocs, the presence of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and President of the Council of Representatives Osama Najafi. At the beginning of the meeting, welcomed President Talabani to come, stressing the importance of this meeting in order to reach ways to end the problems and overcome obstacles that hinder the political process and the transition to a new phase, a phase of building the state and its institutions in accordance with the Constitution and the law. and released by meeting the following statement which was read to reporters the media, political adviser to the President of the Republic, Dr. Jalal hairdresser: "Statement on the meeting of representatives of political blocs, the name of Allah the Merciful hosted by His Excellency President Jalal Talabani meeting of the leaders of the National Alliance, and Iraqi, and a coalition of Kurdish blocs in a status conference in a second circulation in the political affairs of current, and to discuss strategic issues facing the Republic of Iraq. and pledged to the Commission, citing its first meeting on Monday, January 15, 2012, to work intensively in order to achieve a national consensus successfully meet the aspirations and needs of the Iraqi people all. has welcomed the Preparatory Committee decision of the Arab League on its intention to hold the next Arab summit in Baghdad and committed to work together in a spirit of national in order to ensure the success of the Arab summit. also welcomed the Preparatory Committee the return of Congress list the Iraqi Council of Representatives, and the resumption of the participation of representatives of the Iraqi cabinet meetings starting on Tuesday. and request His Excellency the President of the Preparatory Committee a road map to continue the process political framework of the Iraqi constitution and agreements of Arbil in 2010, for presentation to the leaders of political blocs. Participants agreed at the meeting on the following basic principles to guide future discussions and according to the map mentioned: is committed to all the participants in the political process to stand together against terrorists and against the illegal armed groups that seek to the threat of Iraq and harming the Iraqi people. The Constitution is the basis for the settlement of disputes and to all those responsible to act accordingly. must have all components of Iraqi society represented fully in the political process. Iraqi judiciary is an independent authority and on an equal footing with other authorities and must remain free from political interference. this and praised the President the efforts of the Preparatory Committee, and expressed full confidence that the Commission will complete its work in a spirit of cooperation and strive to overcome obstacles to ensure the desired success. Office of the President. "

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