Maliki to Kuwait to discuss the Port Mubarak and Chapter VII
Date: Monday 02/06/2012 10:21

Baghdad / Iyad al-Tamimi
confirmed Adviser to the Prime Minister Mary Rais said the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Kuwait would be to discuss the establishment of Port Mubarak of Kuwait and discuss the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII, as well as bilateral agreements on the level of investment and trade exchange and the two sides agreed in principle to joint cooperation.

Said Rais in a statement to the extent yesterday that the Kuwaiti side sent an invitation back to the Iraqi government to visit Kuwait.
explained that "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki would present the concerns of Iraq from the damaged shipping of the establishment of the port of Mubarak and puts the solutions to the settlement."
and followed "The visit did not specify to now, but All indicators confirm that the visit would be before the Arab summit in Baghdad."
The Kuwaiti Information Minister Hamad Jaber Al-Ali said in an interview with the site (the Arabs today) on Friday that the file of Port Mubarak will not be on the agenda of the visit of Iraqi Prime Minister expected to Kuwait.
She said Rais, "Iraq is looking forward to resolving all outstanding problems with Kuwait, including the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII and the port of Mubarak and Kuwaiti debt," indicating that "there is a desire between Iraq and Kuwait to strengthen bilateral economic and activation of investment projects between the two countries in the next phase."
The Iraqi government announced , on Friday, its desire to resolve and close the file of Kuwaiti debt through the implementation of investment projects for Kuwaiti companies in Iraq.
The members of the Iraqi List, has asked the company of the Prime Minister to Kuwait, they are partners for the Iraqi government, demanding to be resolving the issue of port Mubarak this visit because it would prejudice the Iraq's economy.
She Rep. reproach the league in a statement to the extent hoped that the Prime Minister Friendly delegation representing the Iraqi List, the fact that it is a key partner in the political process and to be accompanied by a minister or a representative from the list, not only to Kuwait but wherever he went the Prime Minister and to brief his partners from different the blocks on his visits.
and demanded the league prime minister visit to Kuwait to be resolved outstanding matters and the most important implications of the port of Mubarak and the subject of the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII.
and on the request of the Iraqi company of Prime Minister confirmed Rais said the government did not object to the presence of a minister, but according to the nature of the visit and is not possible to go and minister as to the state without discussing issues of concern to his ministry, adding that the Deputy Prime Minister on his recent trip to Jikia went with him and the Minister of Industry and Minerals, one of the Iraqi List and the deputies of the province of Basra had demanded, the government and parliament to increase financial allocations for the port of Faw, stating that the amounts allocated is 200 billion dinars is insufficient, while noting that the amounts that must be monitored for the completion of this project is 4 billion euros.
said Mansour al-Tamimi at a joint news conference with deputies of Basra to take place in the parliament and attended by the correspondent term "The current budget allocated exaggerated and $ 200 billion dinars, which is not sufficient for the completion of this port, indicating that the amounts imposed provided is 4 million euros. "
He said, "The current budget will not solve any economic problems, including unemployment, housing, ration card, called on the government and parliament to stand by this port and supported by monitoring sufficient funds. "
and was a member of the Economic Commission Nora Albjara have found that foreign investment as a solution optimal to accelerate the construction of the port of Faw and reduce the effects of Port Mubarak of Kuwait to the Iraqi economy.
said an MP for the Virtue of the National Alliance Susan Saad, said the current year budget included the allocation of $ 200 billion dinars to build the port of Faw, in order to put the pillars initial port, noting that "The file needs to be more serious in the construction of the port after the designs of the project and to begin implementation during the current year."
It showed Saad that the "Port Project FAO implemented in two phases, one of which continue two years, in the hope that the project is completed in four years. "
She Saad about "expectation that the government will not be able to provide the necessary funds for the establishment of the port because the other phases of construction will be very expensive and will not able to budget affordable," pointing out that "the next phase need to be combined efforts within the government and parliament to redeployment of some of the amounts in the budgets in order to raise the amount to five times the minimum, to get the project into phases that can be used as a pressure on the Kuwaiti side. "
She-Saad said that "the Kuwaiti side will depend on the establishment of Port Mubarak, stressing the need to" taking pledges from Kuwait to be the rest of the stages of construction of the port with less harm to the Iraqi economy. "The Iraqi government announced, on 25 May last, to send high-level committee of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Transportation as well as the Iraqi navy to Kuwait to follow up the impact on waters of Iraq regional port of Mubarak, who construction plans, noting that it will determine its position according to a report of the Committee.