BAGHDAD, Feb. 5 (AKnews) - Iraqiya List will meet today to make the final decision on whether to end its boycott of the Council of Ministers.

Iraqiya Representative Nahida al-Dayini said that the decision of the leaders of the Iraqiya alliance will be announced today.

"It looks like the situation will take a positive direction," she said, adding that the meetings between the Iraqi president, prime minister and speaker of the House of Representatives for settling the issue are ongoing.

All eight ministers and the entire representatives of the Iraqiya alliance to the House of Representatives boycotted sessions late December in protest to what they claim is Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's policy of "unilateral ruling and lack of real partnership in government". The alliance ended its House of Representatives boycott on Jan. 29.

Despite the boycott of the Council of Ministers, some Iraqiya ministers met with Maliki and participated in some sessions. They alleged they were threatened not to attend the sessions.

Last week the Iraqiya alliance, led by former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, announced it has received "positive" signs from Maliki which may set the stage for its return to government. This includes Maliki's willingness to adjust the partnership and balance in the government.

Disputes between Iraqiya and the State of Law Coalition (SLC), led by PM Maliki, are deep-rooted and date back to the election time when SLC came narrowly second to Iraqiya. But post-election coalitions and agreements reinstated Maliki as PM.

A promise to create a National Council for Strategic Policies to be headed by Allawi in return for his compromise of the PM post was never met. Last week reports suggested that Maliki has shown inclination to readdress the creation of the council.

The Shiite-dominated National Alliance - the largest bloc - has stated that it will take time to meet Iraqiya's demands.