Positive dialogue between Maliki and the "Iraqi"
10:08:03 / 02/2012

Khandan - despite denials list «Iraq» Information about the return of its ministers to the government yesterday, seemed atmosphere that reported among the list «positive», meanwhile, announced the office-timer to the Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi volunteered more than 500 lawyers to defend him and members of his guards and his staff accused of involvement in acts of violence.

The deputy «Iraq» Hamid al-Mutlaq told «life» that «the list has not yet agreed on a deadline to cancel the decision to suspend its membership in the government and the rumors about the return of ministers is true». He added that «it does not mean that the list will not return to the government is striving to achieve the national project, with all its fractions, and meetings continued, especially after the announcement by the Prime Minister his intention to implement the Convention on Arbil».

He added that «Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki met a few days ago a number of ministers of the list and discussed with them a number of controversial issues have appeared flexible and positive in dealing with what to put for resolving the crisis».

There were news yesterday about the return of Ministers «Iraq» to engage in their decision to suspend and cancel their membership. But speaking on behalf of the existing MP Maysoon al denied this and said in a statement to «life»: «is still a decision to suspend the membership of our ministers in place in case it was agreed to their return will be announced officially that».

The Minister of Education Mohammad Tamim yesterday in a statement, received the «life» copy of which was that «the Minister of the Iraqi awaiting study the leaders of their list to invite the Prime Minister to resume their work in their natural and met with Minister of Science and Technology Abdul Karim al-Samarrai, the Minister of Education Mohammad Tamim, and the Minister of Agriculture Azzedine state-Maliki , invited him and the meeting was positive ».

He said a close associate of Deputy Prime Minister Abd al-Hadi al-Hassani told «life» that «Maliki seeks to resolving the differences with the partners of the political process ahead of the acts of the Arab summit in Baghdad in March next year. Has expressed its readiness to implement all the resolutions and paper Arbil, without violating the Constitution and the law, including the formation of strategic policies and assign it to the list leader Iyad Allawi and approved within the powers in the Constitution and the law ».

He added that «the paper in Erbil indicated Bndha the first to commit to implement the recommendations in the Constitution».

He pointed out that «the Iraqi List, has started moving in the right direction and I think that it would end its boycott of the government soon because that would not benefit them and not on the voters who voted for their leaders».

In addition, the office announced the timer to the Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi volunteered more than 500 lawyers to defend him and his bodyguards, and the staff of his office.

He said in a statement that «the Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi met with a number of Iraqi lawyers who have made a pledge on behalf of the 525 lawyers showed their willingness to defend him and members of Hamayate and the staff of his office», the statement pointed out that «the lawyers expressed their disgust at the illegal practices to disarm forced confessions from detainees and presented to the media to the exclusion of national figures and nationalism ».

He added that «the lawyers stressed the need for independence of the judiciary, non-politicized to influence the course of the investigation, a sense of the importance of protecting the political process and national cohesion of collapse».