Parliamentary integrity affirms readiness to approach Zebari and Al Amri on Kuwaiti funds

04-10-2011 | (Voice of Iraq)-Iraqi Baghdad gate

The integrity Commission confirmed Tuesday that the parliamentary Foreign Affairs and will transport to inquire concerning the submission of financial versus Kuwait bribery overlooked the port building, as she may invite all members of the Iraqi delegation who visited Kuwait in case of proven, revealed the formation of a Committee to investigate the case.

Committee Chairman Baha Al-araji, in a statement issued Monday by his Office that integrity Commission met and decided to approach the parliamentary Foreign Affairs Hoshyar Zebari and Hadi al Ameri transport to enquire about the reality of Kuwaiti funds , stating that the Committee wait the answer after answer verify command.

He added Al-araji, if proven correct, we will meet even the members of the Iraqi delegation to Kuwait, that this topic is very sensitive in regard to corruption, but the reputation of Iraq International .

The Chairman of the integrity Commission that relationship between Iraq and Kuwait sensitive and must be given adequate attention in this matter , pointing out that the remarks Attorney Ammar Shibley bribing Kuwaiti Foreign Minister and not to permit personal integrity Committee.

He said Al-araji Attorney was that topic within Chebli Committee for verification before putting information , integrity Commission opened an inquiry into the subject .

Attorney for the State of law Coalition, Ammar Al-Shibli, revealed in an interview for Sumerian news in September 30, 2011, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari before finance is a bribe of 100,000 dollars and expensive luxury items of Kuwaiti Prime Minister compared to overlook the port building, Mubarak stressed that Kuwait tried to give a bribe value itself for Transport Minister Hedi Al-Amri however refused and returned to the Kuwaiti embassy official letter deep dialect.

In response, Zebari Monday (3/10/2011) to those accusations, saying it constituted an abuse of the Government and defaming the Ministry's work, as he would raise the issue at the next meeting of the Cabinet, threatened to sue his accusers and held accountable.

Zebari was affirmed in a speech before the United Nations Wednesday (September 21, 2011), Iraqi experts who visited Kuwait on port Mubarak waving their crisis to the Council of Ministers, he dispelled fears real non-Iraqi port.

Zebari was speaking on the port where many criticism considered Mubarak block Iraqi white downplayed it port risks on the Iraqi economy and supported Security Council resolution 833 (1993) concerning the demarcation of the border, in the opinion of the Minister of transport and maritime expert Amer Abdel Jabbar said the remarks were an interference in the Affairs of the Ministry of transport and dangerous precedent, describing the location of port b malignant tumour that must be eradicated, as deputies from the Basra governorate denounced strongly those remarks, 105 deputies submitted a request to the Presidency of Parliament to call Technical Committee Visited Kuwait to discuss the matter with the Kuwaiti side.

Returned Iraqi block and white declared September 30, 2011, Iraqi Foreign Minister's remarks indicating acceptance of bribery from Kuwait, saying it is unreasonable to condemn the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the State for the benefit of another State.

He was Chairman of the Council in support of Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations revealed in, 26 September 2011, to take tough decisions Iraqi Government restrict trade with Kuwait, saying he has been lift charges on trucks from Kuwait 25,000 dinars to $ 100, and prevent the passage of more than 60 trucks a day cross the Safwan border after that port had been seen crossing the 2000 truck.

Iraq requested, in the 27 July last, officially from Kuwait to stop temporarily in the port of Mubarak, to make sure Iraq does not affect the rights of navigation lines and sailing free and safe in the water, with Kuwait, announced the same day, rejected the demand, saying it was not based on any legal basis, as reiterated that falls within the Kuwaiti border, pointed out that the port does not impede navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah.

The Kuwait began on 6 April last, create Kabeer port on Bubiyan Island close to the Iraqi coast, exactly one year after an Iraqi Transport Ministry of cornerstone project for the creation of the large port of Faw, causing a crisis between the two countries, while the Kuwaitis that their port would have important strategic and economic results, officials and Iraqi experts that Kuwaiti port would diminish the importance of Iraqi ports, restrict navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah channel leading to the ports Umm Qasr and Khawr al-Zubayr and Faw Grand port project makes it worthless.