Maliki's coalition reveals an agreement within the National Alliance on a candidate for Minister of the Interior

03/02/2012 07:53

Baghdad, February 3 (Rn) - The State of Law Coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Friday, on an agreement within the components of the National Alliance on a candidate for the post of interior minister, indicating that the resolution of a baggage security requires the submission of the Iraqi List of candidates acceptable.

Maliki has vowed to give him confidence during a session in late 2010 to work on naming ministers of the ministries that are managed by proxy within weeks, but that did not happen because of differences between the blocks on some of the names of candidates to fill the bags of the security ministries.

Under the agreement between the political blocs that called the National Alliance candidate for the Ministry of Interior and the coalition in Iraq another candidate for the Ministry of Defence.

A member of the coalition Chihod Mohammed, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), "The National Alliance agreed its components on the candidate for the post of Minister of the Interior, which is waiting to provide the Iraqi List, acceptable candidates for the position."

Chihod did not reveal the identity of the candidate for the inner bag, but he stressed that he "got on the compatibility of the National Alliance," noting that "the Iraqi List, are required to submit candidates for the defense portfolio competent."

He pointed out that "the Iraqi List, made during that period of five candidates for the defense portfolio was chosen as one of them, they decided to withdraw his candidacy, as did not have the other candidates efficient," noting that "the National Alliance can not put a candidate in the House of Representatives for a vote on the grounds that the selection of ministers security positions are across the political consensus before the vote. "

And shall be managed by the Ministry of Defence and Acting Minister of Culture, Saadoun al-Dulaimi after the current assignment by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki late last year amid criticism of Allawi's list, while still al-Maliki and Acting Minister of the Interior.

Dulaimi and belongs to the "coalition of the center," which recently joined the Iraqi, who had served as defense minister in the government of Ibrahim al-Jaafari, 2006-2007.

It was agreed that the leaders of political blocs in the house of President Jalal Talabani last year to cancel all the names of candidates for the security ministries, and go towards the nomination of persons alternative to flying to the Prime Minister at a date fast and will be deducted file security ministries within two weeks, but it is not.

And demanding an end to the Iraqi List, file bags, security and military formations is related to the official commander of the armed forces, most notably "The power of counter-terrorism" was founded on the mind other than the Constitution.