United Nations calls for the establishment of a federal Iraq

3/2/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Baghdad / range called on Iraq to the United Nations the establishment of the Federation Council to be ancillary to the House of Representatives. This came during a conference of the Department of research in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, in cooperation with the United Nations mission, to help Iraq and the participation of heads of parliamentary committees and the number of deputies, university professors and intellectuals about the constitutional and legal framework of the Council of the Union, and ended Friday evening, where he called the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Iraq for political affairs, Georgi Boston Iraq to direct the establishment of the Federation Council, which provided for the new Iraqi constitution, to be a council secondly within the legislative authority in the country. He pointed out that since this entity is comprised of representatives of the regions and provinces, it will be complementary to the House of Representatives who represents the Iraqi people, in order to review laws enacted by the House of Representatives, in addition to other tasks, which may be assigned to him under a special law, such as review or to believe what comes from the House of Representatives or the executive branch. He explained that this Council, which will include 36 members by representing each province of the 18 provinces of the country Bnaúben by direct election .. Will represent a wider segment of society, including groups, components, and interests, which may not be usually represented in the legislatures, through the electoral process, by which the selection of the House of Representatives or of the People. He Posten that "there is broad agreement among the leaders Iraqi political need to implement the constitutional article No. 65 Judge formation of the Council for the promotion and consolidation of democracy in Iraq. " For his part, the President of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi to the Federation Council to be formed is a necessity to complete the legislative constitutional system in the country. He added that there are many laws that did not initiate, and must work to complete the legislation "so that we can actually abide by the constitution is fully committed, and there is a legal framework to regulate the functioning of society as the Constitution is the supreme law, which must be work and jurisprudence accurately." and explained that "the Constitution provided for the formation of the Union in the articles Dstureten, namely Article 48 and Article 65, which gave permission to the House of Representatives for the formation of this Council to vote by two thirds, which is similar to the consensus, underscoring the need for a national consensus upon, because of its direct impact check the laws before final legislation is. " The First Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Qusay al-Suhail was pointed out that the Federation Council is a council, which is supposed to legislation, to be complete the construction of the legislative authority in the country. He said that Iraq is not new to the practice of democracy, but has a legacy well, where he had after the formation of the modern Iraqi state in 1921, parliament and the Council of elders ", which means it is not a new practice in custom political." and stressed the need for access to global experiences in building the Council with two chambers despite the fact that these experiences are not all successful, because there is a traditional councils and other distinct .. He pointed out that agreement had been reached with the United Nations to offer these experiences to the politicians. He explained that because of the absence of the Presidency in the current election cycle, which had a right to veto laws, the need has become urgent to the enactment of the Federation Council, a mechanism to regulate post provinces and territories to enhance decision-making. بغداد/ المدى

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