Maliki's coalition: the blocks to be realistic, demand the allocation of funds to citizens

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2012 14:41 HITS: 171

Twilight News
/ student coalition of state law, Wednesday, blocs of political realism in dealing with their claim, including the allocation of funds for each Iraqi citizen of the current year budget, noting the difficulty of achieving this is a result of budget shortfall.The MP said the coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod in an interview with "Twilight News" claims "to allocate funds to all Iraqi citizens to improve the per capita income is a good idea, especially that Iraq oil producer," but he also said that "the current conditions experienced by the country's infrastructure devastating and strategic projects suspended in addition to the shortfall in the current budget and previous budgets are preventing the achievement of those claims. "
He called Alziod "parliamentary blocs to be more realistic in their claims and proposals, taking into account the need of citizens to raise their standard of living by improving the practice service and health in the country," pointing to "the difficulty of allocating money to all citizens of the current year budget
He described the MP claims a coalition of state law to allocate sums of money to all citizens as the efforts of the parliamentary blocs to strengthen its position in front of audiences and constituencies, they returned it, "a legitimate right of the blocks to achieve some of their political programs presented by taking into account the realism in it."
He called the Iraqi List MP Khaled Al-Alwani, Wednesday, in a statement received for the "Twilight News" not to pass the financial budget for this year without the approval of the project put forward by the Liberal block, which provides for the payment of the amount of each Iraqi citizen, calling the members of the House of Representatives and the political blocs to work to increase the salaries of retirees and people with special needs and the social welfare network.
It is said that the mass Alahraralgnapeh threatened last month, not to vote on the budget if it does not distribute a percentage of oil revenue to citizens, calling to give a share of oil revenues to the poor and the needy, Almtafvin and earned less than 400 thousand dinars, and said that his bloc will find it ally supports the demand in the absence of the National Alliance to support them.
The Iraqi government has approved the Federal Budgeting for the year 2012, valued at $ 100 billion, an increase of 22 percent from the previous year, a shortfall of about $ 13 billion, as revealed the parliamentary finance committee from reaching the operating budget 70% of the budget in 2012.