the legislative power UN calls for the success of the project in Iraq, the Federation Council to strengthen

01.02.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Alsumaria News / Baghdad invited by the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Iraq for political affairs, on Wednesday, members of parliament to work to make the project of the Federation Council, likely to open up the efforts to shape the way for the constitutional review, as he emphasized that there is an agreement between the political leaders on the need to implement Article constitutional council. A statement of the parliament issued today, and received "Alsumaria News", Ambassador Georgi-Posten said in a speech at the Round Table on Constitutional and legislative framework of the Council of the Union "I am honored to address the members of Parliament and I congratulate the leadership of the House of Representatives on the initiative to activate the constitutional provision to establish the Federation Council, in accordance with Article 65 of the Iraqi Constitution, which calls for the establishment of the second part of the national legislature called the Federation Council. " The Boston "This entity is comprised of representatives of the regions and governorates, and therefore it is complementary to the House of Representatives who represents the Iraqi people, and the terms of reference Union Council is expected to include a review of laws enacted by the House of Representatives, in addition to other tasks that may be assigned to him under a special law. " He-Posten that "many countries have formed the Council of a second or a higher council in parliament for various reasons as it allows the formation of the higher possibility of represent a wider segment of society, including groups, components, and interests that may not be usually represented in the legislature through the electoral process by which the selection of the House of Representatives or the People's Assembly, and shall be vested in the Supreme Council responsibility to review or believe what comes out of the House of Representatives or the authority the executive. " stressed-Posten that "there is broad agreement among Iraqi political leaders the need to implement the constitutional article No. 65 Judge formation of the Federation Council and the legislative process under way in that direction," pointing out that "round-table discussions will contribute significantly to the deliberations in the House of Representatives on the draft law will ultimately help in the formation of a Legislative Council, the highest effective and works to promote and consolidate democracy in Iraq. " He guessed Posten that "opens the efforts to form a Council of the Union the way for renewed efforts to advance the process of constitutional review," noting that " At the request of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, presented the mission of advice and technical assistance to the round table, including the international experience and comparison of the boards of senior parliamentary democracies federalism. " The Iraqi List, confirmed on 20 September 2011, that the list unanimously to return to the Federal Council that led who was a candidate for Council senior policy which leader list, Iyad Allawi, while drawn to the lack of the possibility of a violation or obstruction of this command to Oroadh in the Constitution, considered that the activation of this Council will solve problems of complex political between Iraq and the rule of law. The head of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi, on 22 September 2011, the Federal Council and the Council senior policy with two different themes, stressing the necessity of activating the Federal Council during the current parliamentary session, as pointed out that Iyad Allawi is greater than that looking for the post. 's Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said, in the 11 of August 2011, is not convinced Council strategic policies, considering that the Council is Aredaúah issue and has no role in the solutions encountered in the political process.

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