House of the federal budget debate resumes and completes the second reading of bills, raising its to Thursday
Date: Tuesday, 31-01-2012 04: 14 pm

Baghdad (newsletter).The House resumed its sixteenth meeting held Osama alngivi, speaker of the House and in the presence of 221 deputies Tuesday, discussing the fiscal budget for the current year, as well as finish the second reading of bills.
The Council said in a statement received (News Agency news) Tuesday: at the outset of the meeting which began with any male wise President of the Council welcomed the return of Iraqi coalition to complete their legislative and regulatory public service, pointing out that the position of all the blocks were placed on the need for the return of Iraq which requires activation of the role of Parliament in the areas of legislation and oversight role on government performance.
Added: Salman Al-jumaily, the Attorney gave thanks on behalf of the Iraqi coalition of all the heads of parliamentary blocs of Deputies and their eagerness to return Iraqi list to resume attending pointing out that the suspension was not political but the controversy section right guaranteed by the Constitution, saying: that Iraq believes that the political process could bring the country to safety and work on building the State and its institutions through legislation.
In turn welcomed Attorney Khaled Al-Attiyah on behalf of the National Alliance for the return of the Iraqi list for their work in the House legislation and promoting the country hoping to be back a new page in the work of the House.
And MP Fouad Massoum speaking on behalf of the Kurdistan Alliance was pleased to resume Iraq attend the meetings of the House for its weight in the street, calling on all blocks in the House of representatives to work together for the good of the country.
It also wished the Attorney shorish Haji in Word as a mass change to be Iraqi return to activate the role of legislative and regulatory, for parliamentary blocs: aldo'b work in accordance with a roof for the legislation contained in the Constitution to form bodies to remove obstacles to the political process and strengthen democratic construction in the country.
Statement: after the Council began discussing a draft law on the federal budget for fiscal year 2012.
And in the interventions of representatives on a Bill balancing the Attorney Khaled Al-Attiyah to increase fiscal budget by up to 28 percent for commendable step governorates customizations, inviting to overcome the obstacles preventing implementation of the budget in the form required for pointing out the importance of support for deputies to the request of the Government regarding the implementation of projects through the payment term.
Attorney Alaa Mekki, focused on the importance of budget allocations include support of veterinarians and agronomists of their significant role in the agricultural sector in addition to attention to the fact the giving up of Shiite and Sunni Muslim.
Hyderabad Attorney invited the Mullah to re-examine the distribution of grades in many State institutions, noting the importance of taking into account the principle of almharomet in some provinces.
Bahaa Al-araji MP stressed the importance of the budget should include a clause stipulating a quota of oil distribute Iraqi turf people, stressing that the Liberal block will not vote on the budget if not contained in this paragraph.
The Attorney noted for frankincense sincere need to allocate sufficient funds to the provinces of Karbala, Najaf and the city of Kadhimiya being in need of special care to address the shortage of religious visits days services.
Nahida placeholders called aldaini by allocating funds in disputed areas and the restoration of some provinces which cycled not disburse their funds because of poor security conditions during the past years.
MP Mansour al-Tamimi invited to increase the sums allocated to the establishment of the large port of Faw or to establish a company investment would create ports port pointing attention to reducing the spread of cancer in Basra.
Said MP Mohammed Hindawi that Iraq needed a five-year plan — decimal to promote real country noting that budget with few opportunities for the unemployed.
The hope MP criticized lack of customizations of the Muthanna Governorate in the areas of women's welfare and the reduction of unemployment and the provision of services to residents of the County.
Nice Attorney suggested Mustafa allocation billion dollars per million population by descent for every county in the fiscal budget in order to give the provinces greater powers.
MP Hamid vegetation has noted the importance of controls on the work of local councils to combat corruption, calling for support on Iraq for the presence of space observations on neutral work.
For his part called on Deputy Ahmed Chalabi to revitalize the private sector and not to rely on purchase mutual between ministries, refusing to exempt goods imported by the ministries of alkmerket as affecting the work of the private sector.
Either placeholders Nada has suggested that Sudanese summarizing relevant committees in the House of representatives members ' views and sent to the Finance Committee for a change in the budget reflected the need to eliminate all types of transfers in budget sections or selected according to strict controls.
His attorney Khaled shwani, putting the federal budget a reliable economic strategy in the future to add new legal material on the provision of financial allocations to the development of the territories.
Attorney Jawad alshahili stressed the importance of access to the House on the final accounts for the previous years before the vote to approve the financial budget for the current year.
And the statement pointed out: the Finance Committee in its reply to interventions stressed the near final report after the end of the discussions on draft budget law contains procedures of the Committee on some of the demands and visions and proposals contained in the interventions of ladies and gentlemen of the House of representatives, pointing out that the Committee was very interested in the proposal to allocate a share of oil imports for the poor and aspiring future by seeking to establish a Fund gives financial share of petroleum imports to every citizen, explaining that many obstacles hinder routine problems and a change in sections of the budget showing the search Exchange To award lump all retirees via transfers in some sections of the Exchange awakhtzal operational expenses.
The statement noted: the fineness of net debt of the State Secretary for the House of representatives stressed that the advances granted to self-financing companies came for the purpose of the payment of salaries to workers indicating that funds accumulated since 2004 and are being discussed with stakeholders.
Added: the Board completed the second reading of the draft law of ratification by the Republic of Iraq to the Convention and economic and trade cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Iraq of technical and Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and by the economy, investment and finance committees, external relations and legal.
In his intervention on the draft law attorney Bayezid Hassan that the Convention would entail any obligations on Iraq and Iraqi interests and called for a vote.
The statement said: the Presidency Council decided to postpone the second reading of a Bill merging Socialist Rafidain Bank and the Finance Committee's Bill and the monetary and banking training centre of the Finance Committee Bill and the Provident Fund and customs officers from the financial economy and investment committees in addition to postpone the second reading of the Bill to conclude treaties submitted by the Committee on foreign relations, and to discuss lending staff based on a request from 52 Deputy.
The statement said: the Board completed the second reading of the draft law of modern agricultural villages, submitted by the Committee on Agriculture and water.
The statement pointed out: in house interventions on the Bill the Attorney Abdel Hussein abtan said that the importance of modern village project will provide jobs for thousands of agronomists of unemployed graduates.
Abbud Al-Issawi, called the Attorney to cover Poland graduates in professional Bill add to the importance of increasing the land granted to 50 dunums instead of 40 dunums.

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