BAGHDAD, Jan. 31 (AKnews) - Although Iraqiya List has decided to continue boycotting Council of Ministers sessions two Iraqiya ministers attended the session today AKnews has learnt.

Iraqiya, led by Ayad Allawi, has been boycotting the Councils of Representatives and Ministers since Dec. 17 protesting the government's stand against regional autonomy for Diyala and Salahaddin Provinces. However two days ago the List ended their boycott of the Council of Representatives.

Hussein Shahrestani's spokesman told AKnews Turhan Mufti, state minister for provincial affairs, and Abdul-Kareem Aftan, electricity minister, attended the session today chaired by Shahrestani, Maliki's deputy for energy affairs. Abdul-Kareem Samarayee, minister of science and technology, apologized for not attending the session because he was traveling.