Hassan Jihad: the atmosphere has become appropriate for the National Conference .. And political blocs are close to each

01/31/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Baghdad (news) said the leadership of the Kurdistan Alliance MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Hassan Jihad said the current atmosphere has become appropriate to hold a national conference. Jihad said in a statement (for the Agency news) on Tuesday began the political blocs activity significantly, especially for the day yesterday during a meeting President Jalal Talabani, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, in addition to the return of Congress the Iraqi List of meetings of the Parliament. The MP added Kurdistan: that the current atmosphere well suited to hold the National Congress and the political blocs are close to each other, stressing the need to adhere to all the political blocs the Constitution and the agreements signed between them. The MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Vian outsider expected to hold a national conference during the next two weeks, expressing optimism for a successful conference and access to solutions to political problems. and said an intruder in an earlier statement (the news): The political blocs will meet in the coming weeks, and all the political blocs now ready for the conference, expected to take place within two weeks. She added that there are agreements and understandings between some of the participants in the conference in spite of the existence of some political leaders have various opinions, but in the end will reach the political blocs to a solution to end the current crisis.

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