Barzani asserts that the current political a crisis of confidence / Iraqi morale high
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Thread: Barzani asserts that the current political a crisis of confidence / Iraqi morale high

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    Barzani asserts that the current political a crisis of confidence / Iraqi morale high

    Barzani asserts that the current political crisis is a crisis of confidence and the return of Iraqi morale high
    Date: Monday, 01/30/2012 22:25

    Erbil (news) .. Said Massoud Barzani, Kurdistan Region President that the current political crisis is a crisis of confidence and the return of Iraqi List, has raised the morale high, pointing to the ongoing attempts to form a cabin seventh of the provincial government and the opposition call if Margbt participate, stressing that the Kurds one voice and one position in matters of national and crucial issues .

    This came during a meeting President Barzani on Monday, representatives of Arab and Islamic countries and foreign in the Kurdistan Region of consulates-general and officials.

    A statement from the meeting received the Agency (news) a copy of it on Monday: that at the start of the meeting dealt with Falah Mustafa official Department of Foreign Relations Kurdistan Regional Government, the importance of representations of a number of Arab, Islamic and foreign, referring to: the number of consulates in the region have increased in recent times on the way to increase after expressing many Arab and foreign countries wish to open an office in the region, and this is due to the wisdom of the Kurdish leadership of President Barzani and the restoration of security in the fields of security, political, emphasizing pursuit of the Department of Foreign Affairs in the Kurdistan Region on expansion and development of relations with providing the necessary facilities to countries that wish to have a relationship with the region continues to direct.

    The statement added that Frederick Tissot Consul General and Dean of the corps Aldoblomase of France in the Kurdistan Region, thanked President Barzani as representatives of the Consulates General in the region to hold this meeting and pointed to the economic developments taking place in the province and the activities that took place during 2011 and Park President Barzani on the achievements of the internal and external, wishing: to continue the democratic process in 2012 taking place in the province and between the great hope in Kurdistan and its future and expressed his support and all the diplomats present at the meeting in building advanced society in Kurdistan.

    The statement that President Barzani noted that the increase in the number of consulates in the region, a positive sign, said President Barzani that the presence of representations has sent a lot of hopes in the hearts of the people of Kurdistan, hanging attempts to form a cabin seventh to the Government of the province and said that consultations with all political parties continued including consultation with the opposition if Margbt to participate in the new range and the door was open in front, and if you do not want it can do its part as an opposition within the framework of the law and Parliament.

    The Barzani: This does not mean that we are complementary in every way, but we can say that the prevailing system in Kurdistan is a democratic system every four years to hold free elections and control of the international community and Alnzmat civil, and in the spring of 1991 I called to the elections and became the approach followed so far, In 2013, new elections will be held in the region, urging the audience to submit their comments in order to deepen the democratic system in the region.

    The statement pointed to: that Barzani expressed his delight at the security situation prevailing in the region and social relations close, adding that sometimes there are some differences in views, but we are in matters of national and crucial issues to be one voice and one position, we are optimistic a lot about our future and what is ahead a prosperous future.

    He said President Barzani to the crisis faced by the political process in Iraq, returned it of one of the biggest crises that occurred after 2003, explained that all the parties from the start has coincided, among the principles of which have power in Iraq as part of a true partnership and to be a federal Iraq a democratic and the current problem the government has been formed on the basis of which a number of genuine partnership and commitment to the Constitution as a reference balance between the institutions and resolve the problems between Erbil and Baghdad.

    Barzani said: We tried to do our part to resolve all problems, but lack of commitment to these principles does not mean we will be in our position before, and now waiting for a national conference expanded in order to find solutions to existing problems and our President is instilling confidence in us, saying: the current crisis is a crisis of confidence , and the return of the Iraqi list has raised the morale high, and wish: to be in Tllk return a new page in relations and a positive indication to the conference, expected to be held.

    He also noted President Barzani to the situation in Syria, saying: It is considered important in that changes are taking place in the situation Kurdish in Syria and the recognition of their legitimate rights as a component of a second in the Syrian state, pointing out: that the conference held in Erbil for the displaced of the Kurds Syria abroad, declaring: The aim of the conference is to unite the Kurdish discourse in Syria and their leaders, supported Alorteurat which had been put. / End / 24. T. U /
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