Iraq reveals the role of foreign shares in the decision to return to the House of Representatives

30-01-2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad - Alaa Hassan - Radio Sawa

A member of the Iraqi List MP Nabil Hrbo The United States and other regional countries played a role in the decision to end its boycott list and return to Parliament.

He Hrbo in contact with "Radio Sawa" that the positions of some countries were not positive about the position of the Iraqi political issues, noting that all of those attitudes contributed to ending the boycott.

In turn, said a member of the Iraqi MP Muhammad Al-Khalidi that the American role came in the context of the strategic agreement signed between the two countries and noted that a number of political leaders and religious authorities and the United Nations have made ​​efforts to convince his list to return to the House of Representatives.

This, and welcomed the return of parliamentary blocs in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, and regarded it as a step towards containment of the political crisis in the country.