Central Bank has large reserves of hard currency to meet the growing demand phenomenon

29/01/2012 13:00:00

The bank said in a statement issued Today and received (and independent Iraqi news agency) Copy Menhon bank has foreign reserves of the large, high-capacity in the face of any risk caused by the growing phenomenon of demand for foreign currency based on the monetary policy instruments available to control the levels of liquidity and cash flows in order to achieve the desired economic stability. "

The bank said that the the phenomenon of high demand for foreign currency in the window of the Iraqi Central Bank for the sale and purchase of the dollar in recent weeks, linked to the increasing public expenditure and its impacts on the behavior of individual demand in the market for foreign currency, which is itself an application locally on goods and services and the benefits of Foreign Affairs.

He said the bank That Conditions and complications in some regional countries surrounding Iraq and exposed to the problems in international economic relations has cast Bdilalha are other currents in the formation of additional non-directly in the demand for foreign currency through the overlapping regional trade and the various ways of funding.