Deputy: the Iraqi List, announced her return to parliament with anticipation for what it offers by others
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Secret / Baghdad
According to a leading exporter in the Iraqi List "The list in today's meeting decided to return to the meetings of Parliament, suspended in return for the government post."
The source said in a telephone conversation with the Agency for the fourth power of the news that "the Iraqi coalition decided on Sunday unanimously to return to attend the sessions of Parliament, believing that it contributes in the service of the Iraqi people by taking the right decisions within the Dome of the House of Representatives," as he emphasized, "comments returned to the government it had not taken this decision after it is under study and discussion. "
The source added that "this decision came in response to the demands of President Jalal Talabani and Mr. Sadr, and Masoud Barzani and Mr. Hakim," noting that "the return of Iraq will remain accompanied by uncertainty because of its other towards the leaders and members of the list and its officials."
The Iraqi List, has suspended its participation in the meetings of deputies and ministers several weeks ago was the most important reasons for a claim to the decisions of the Conference of Arbil, in addition to the marginalization of decision-making and the campaign of arrests of some of its cadres and its popular base, as saying.