Abdel-Latif: The political crisis started in the 7 / 3 and will not end until the end of the current election cycle

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The leader of the National Coalition and the deputy and former minister, Judge Wael Abdul Latif, "the Iraqi people with all its components shall bear responsibility for what is happening or is discharged in order to throw the blame on the politicians, because the people and in particular in the capital Baghdad is Oata of the owners (690) thousand votes and Allawi (420 ) thousand votes, making the two leaders to Ertbo situation democratic as you replace them, the beginning was the rise of people with Maliki and Allawi to parliament and ministries do not have some of them only (40) votes, and this is contrary to the foundations of democracy in all parts of the world. "
"But competition Brotherhood," in reference to the differences between the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi "is vying for power, where it is believed Allawi, the owner of (91) seats, he has a right to administer the affairs of the country, while the wind-Maliki and the foundations of National Alliance, which caused looting his right, where the latter finds that the decision-maker by virtue of his position as prime minister. "
He pointed out that "those suffering began 7 / 3 after the appearance of election results will not end until the end of the current election, I do not think that things will calm down or replace as some believe in the national conference or hearings and meetings," stressing that "political differences even within the coalition the national. "
And the Conference of Arbil, said Abdul Latif during his interview with the editor and agency the fourth power of today's news that "the leaders of the three Nuri al-Maliki and Ayad Allawi, and Masoud Barzani, when they signed the Convention on Irbil said they agreed as identical with the Iraqi constitution does not oppose its provisions, why today is contrary to him?!" And criticized Barzani said, "that Massoud Barzani Empire alone, where he is attending conferences and meetings held in Arbil, only, and transcend the presence in the capital, Baghdad."
He stressed that the political situation in Iraq is a "Looking for Kurdish rights and privileges of their own making, and calls for Sunni-owned since its country (1400) years, and Shia want to maintain his posts."
And answered questions about the economic situation, saying "there is no government or political role in Iraq's economy enters, as the privileges that have been made ​​to the arrival of a barrel of oil (106) dollars is the result of international crises, not the will of the State or political forces."
Describing the status of certain political forces, non-harmonious as "very extreme liberal, radical, secular, and Islamic militants."
In questions of power-fourth of the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and was raised yesterday by landing a U.S. airliner in Haifa Street, said Judge Wael Abdul Latif, "This is a matter it is recommended to show the leaders of the security detail," commenting that "it is reasonable that the U.S. leave Iraq so easily a from across the seas and oceans to the occupation of Iraq and the imposition of influence in the region, do not forget that Iraq is still under Chapter VII. "
"We should not concern the issue of a plane or Ntfaji so because the Americans are the structures of the security establishment after a year (2003) and have roots nor Aasa them anything."
Asked Abdul Latif about the "principle of sovereignty enjoyed by Iraq to the U.S. Walt violations occur," a reference to the issue of the American plane that landed in the capital Baghdad and elsewhere.