House of Representatives: discusses the nine bills, including budget and lending staff next Tuesday

29/01/2012 13:11:00

The Iraqi News Agency Independent / Baghdad / a. ... M. parliamentary source said on Sunday that the meeting of the Council of Representatives of the 16 which will be held the day after tomorrow, Tuesday, will see the first and second readings of the nine bills, including the budget 2012 and the lending staff.

The source said the reporter (and the Iraqi News Agency Independent) The agenda of the meeting of the Council of Representatives of 16 of the second legislative term of years of legislative II, which will be held on Tuesday, includes the first reading of the draft Labour Code and the second reading the draft law to the federal budget for fiscal year 2012

The source added that the agenda for the meeting includes the second reading of bills, the Republic of Iraq ratified the Convention on the economic and trade cooperation and technical cooperation with the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the integration of the socialist bank Rafidain Bank, the Center for monetary and banking training.
He pointed out that the meeting agenda also includes a second reading of draft laws, modern agricultural villages, Provident Fund and customs, and treaties, as well as discuss the lending staff.