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Parliament: the central bank faces the problem of smuggling hard currency to Iran

29/01/2012 8:54

Baghdad / Orr News
A commission of economy and investment representative for the Iraqi Central Bank to take a new financial measures in the coming days to curb the smuggling of hard currency. A member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary deputy for the coalition in Iraq Qusay Friday "is that a meeting took place recently with the Chairman of the Commission on Money Laundering and the Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Iraq and the Central Committee and the Economic Commission to discuss the issue of smuggling of foreign currency to Iran in order to solve this problem and find effective solutions to them."

He said Friday "the central bank announced measures for new financial to reduce the smuggling of currency, as well as the reduction of inflation in the coming days in order to solve this problem by setting the exchange rate, as well as the purchase price, the price of the Central Bank will be a new price in order to put the market in a balanced manner.

He continued, without a doubt that Iran is going through economic crisis, a real result of the blockade imposed on it, and that the outlet is the only Iraq and this port is used to buy the dollar, "hard currency" from within the Iraqi market and evasion to the inside of her negatively affect the Iraqi economy, "he" put limitations to this matter. "
He combined to "The Economic Committee in the House of Representatives in constant contact with the Iraqi Central Bank in order to find effective solutions and real to the subject since the beginning."