My dear dinarian friends......................
Below is a statement straight from the Iraq news media office........I translated in english and had no problems.
I have highlighted what I saw of importance to us in knowing our blessing is here.
I still believe that a new US currency needs to be announced BEFORE or insync with the RV of the world.
If the US dollar is to "crash" or be devalued by bringing out the new US Treasury note then it would behoove the PTB and all that the new currency be announced and devalued......therefore when they inform us of this the RV will be announced and by the cashins will warrant the new US currency to not reflect (in a bad way) our economy going down further. This is my honest opinion.
I know this ride has been a long and challenging one, however we all have learned much in how to trust, how others react in anger, and how to trully come together in a time of need regarding many that have been helped.
We are at the hour and from looking at world issues and articles the TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING....I remember that tune from Bob Dylan years ago and it did change then as it will now..............TRUTH MUST COME OUT........WE CAN NOT CONTINUE TO LIVE UNDER THE SPELL WE HAVE BEEN, FOR THE LORD DID NOT INTEND THAT AND HE IS REVEALING MUCH TO ALL IF YOU OPEN YOUR EYES AND DISMISS NOTHING JUST PUT IT INTO THE PUZZLE..................CONSPIRACY? NO not really though to many it is a definite shocker.
We know from reports that the BUY SELL RATE is showing now for Iraq and it is not the 1170 or the 1168......this alone is telling us this is done.............the ISX (iraq stock exchange) on last Thursday went is indeed on the forex so we will see the currency rate. Will it be what all were anticipating? We only know that it had to RI first and I truly beleive it has been in the works for many months to get it up to the RI amount to then release it.
Do I believe many who have been saying that the IMF released it and gave Iraq an ultimatum? Not for sure but the article or statement just released does say that in the highlighted areas.............
Please pray for good stewardship and do not panic on getting a big rate do as you are so lead by your Spirit and the Lord............................
God Bless all of you and may your eyes be opened and heart continue to know and feel true love for another not just family..................................see you in the Heavens when that time comes.................

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From: MediaOffice
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Subject: Statement by AlIraqiah Jan 29, 2012

And the suspension of its presence in the House and Minister

Baghdad on January 29, 2012

Deviate the political process in our beloved country, unfortunately, towards the production of a new form of individual and tyranny and political exclusion, in light of the apparent absence of the National Partnership real and the violation of the Iraqi constitution, particularly in human rights issues and spread of financial and administrative corruption in the country and not to adopt rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers and the failure to achieve the national balance and stall the political reforms and to keep the ministries and the security services vacant under the deterioration of security and reap thousands of innocent people by terrorist acts despicable has Iraqi in turn nominate the names efficient for the Department of Defense, and remained ministries and security agencies vacant despite the passage of more than a year to form a government.

The coalition in Iraq may give up to the elections the sake of the people of Iraq and called on political forces to unite and unite to protect Iraq from the events affecting the region and respond to external interventions in the internal affairs of Iraq, but the coalition in Iraq surprised recently obtaining just the opposite when Mr. Maliki target political partners all means of political miscarriage in order to establish the principle of monopoly power.

These practices and others prompted the Iraqi leadership of those who fought the dictatorship of the former regime to declare a moratorium attend meetings of the House a sense of the seriousness of the situation and the belief to draw the attention of our partners in the political process what is happening in the country from the deterioration in the political situation and the suppression of freedoms, arbitrary arrests and the confiscation of the rights of thousands of martyrs and living in prisons the former regime, Iraqis losing customers look to establish a democratic system of government civilian federal equal to all citizens, marking the refusal to be a false witness to the attempts to produce any form of exclusivity in the provision.

And generous initiative of His Excellency the President Mr. Jalal Talabani met with delegations representing the political forces to prepare for the National Conference to be held to defuse the political crisis, where the delegation of the coalition in Iraq to see thoughtful about the dismantling of the current crisis and to achieve true national partnership and develop a road map for the political process back on track democratic right.

Out of concern the coalition in Iraq on the success of the National Conference, and respond to terrorist attacks and criminal, which affected the people of Iraq, and to stand firm before the Shipping sectarian intended to return to the political process back to square one, in response to initiatives decent and sincere made by the kindly powers, and political friend of the brother President Masoud Barzani and Sayyed Muqtada al-Sadr and Ammar al-Hakim and Mr. Adel Abdul Mahdi and Dr.. Dr. Ahmad Chalabi. Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Mr. Dr. Khodair al. Ammar Tohme and brothers in the mass change of Kurdish and other national figures, announces the Iraqi gesture of goodwill, to return to the meetings of the House of Representatives in terms of creating the atmosphere of health of the National Congress and seeks to provide guarantees of the success of the National Congress and the dismantling of the political crisis through the full implementation of the Convention on Erbil and the release of the innocent and fair detainees under investigation, according to the Constitution and legal counsel them and to achieve the partnership file security and political decisions the Supreme and provide justice for the accused and resolve the issue of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi in both its political and judicial away from extortion and politicization, and the abolition of an attempt to withdraw confidence from the Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Saleh al-Mutlaq, and end all forms of provocative and armed citizens and the Iraqi public and its members and ministers and leaders. Iraq also declared its decision to return to the House of Representatives for discussion and vote on the legal federal budget for 2012 and a general amnesty, in order not to obstruct the vital interests of the Iraqi people, and the authorization of the Iraqi leadership to discuss the return of ministers to the meetings of the Council of Ministers later.

Finally, Iraq's calls to work hard to ensure Iraq's unity and nation-building institutions and providing well-off to the children of our honorable.

We ask God to save Iraq and its people
It is God's goodness