Barzani: Age of denying Kurds is over

28/01/2012 15:01
ERBIL, Jan. 28 (AKnews) - At the Syrian Kurd diaspora congress in Erbil, Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani said the age of denying Kurds is over and that he supports all the decisions by the congress.

The two-day assembly began today at Saad Abdullah Conventions Center with 200 Syrian ex-patriots, the Syrian National Opposition and Kurdistan officials.

In a statement read to open the congress the organizing committee said the purpose behind gathering is to unify the Kurds of Syria, introduce the Kurdish situation to the world, support the Kurdish liberation movements and support the Kurdish National Opposition Council.

In a statement delivered at the assembly the Syrian Kurdish Opposition Council explained they believe "all political forces in Syria have denied Kurds their rights and their support is not as it ought to be."

The statement called on Syrian political parties to recognize Kurds as Kurds and give them their rights.

"Change is on the way to Syria and Kurds should be well-prepared for it," Barzani said in his address.

He said the situation in Syria is of vital importance for Kurdistan "because there are over two million Kurdish citizens living there".

The current uprising in Syria is not provoked by any party or personality, Barzani added. "It is the force of the Syrian people themselves. We do not interfere in Syrian internal affairs, we support you so that you can decide your own fate in your own country and capital."

He added: "Whatever decisions you make, we support you." He advised the audience to decide and secure their rights "with far-sightedness, peacefully and unity."

He also advised the congress attendees to keep away from the "narrow partisan framework until the situation is in Syria becomes clear. And I believe that you will achieve great things."

This year a wide national congress for all the Kurdish political parties will be held in Kurdistan the President said, so as to "send a message to the whole world that the Kurdish nation is a peaceful one and stretches out the hand of brotherhood to Iranian, Turk, and Arab."

Kurds are the second largest ethnic group in Syria. They demand a non-central system of rule. Their country has been destabilized by daily public protests since March 2011 which call on president Bashar al-Assad to step down. Thousands have been killed since then.

By Fryad Mohammed