Iraq made up its mind to return to Parliament and Government
On: Sat 28/01/2012 10:37

Baghdad / menopausal Hossam Acommok
one day, and return the list of Iraq to the Council of Ministers and House of Representatives, after a break of nearly a month and a half, because of what claimed to marginalized politically it, Ending the comment is associated with, as the negotiating committee for the list to the implementation of what has been achieved through joint committees with the coalition National, especially from the remaining agreements Erbil, which was formed under the government.

Return, see the National Alliance unsuccessfully did not succeed, most of the demands of Iraq and what he says deputies of the coalition is legitimate, and that the break did not come only harm the Iraqi people.
and held Iraq in recent days a series of intensive meetings to get out of the political crisis experienced by the country, the positions of inconsistent within the list transmitted by a member of the negotiating committee Ziad worldwide abolition, they are in front of three options, drained and one of them Thursday during the extended comment, and two have agreed on one tomorrow, either end the boycott or to switch to the opposition in the House of Representatives after the final withdrawal from the government.
In the midst of political controversies and debates between the blocks obtained based on the promises of the implementation of the most important of the remaining agreements Erbil, says the worldwide abolition told (range), yesterday, "The National Alliance and promised to stop arbitrary arrests and the release of detainees under the confidential informant, as well as further development of the rules of procedure of the Council of Minister in order to participate in the political decision. "
He continued worldwide abolition "left justification for the continuation of a boycott, we're going back tomorrow (Sunday) to the meeting of my destiny and all indicators demonstrate to take the existing decision to return until we exercise our role in government and parliament."

On the contrary, the Alliance National is likely that the decision was made ​​after make sure the Iraqi non-implementation of their demands, says MP Salman al-Moussawi, "mostly illegal, Valhashimi required to spend nothing to do with us, legal matters, either al-Mutlaq will not return to his post without apology to offer to the owners to be formal, but .. the no-confidence vote looming through the majority of the National Alliance in Parliament. "
With regard to the raised member of the negotiating committee of the Iraqi Moussawi said in a telephone conversation with the (range), yesterday, "Judging the Constitution, not a political deal above it, and we are committed to the outcome of the negotiations and the our lack of persistence over the claims. "
National Alliance MP concluded that "Iraq's biggest loser in the decision to boycott, it was a hasty and knee-jerk and started today feel guilty, they should return many of the laws, especially the budget, disabled because of this procedure, and if they think the opposition will be subject to a split was imminent, we have information some of the parties desire to return to Iraq and away from the list if you let the government once and for all. "