Obama's 2013 budget delayed
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Thread: Obama's 2013 budget delayed

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    Obama's 2013 budget delayed

    Obama's 2013 budget delayed

    By BYRON TAU | 1/23/12 2:32 PM EST

    The Obama administration's 2013 budget will be delayed by one week, an administration official told POLITICO.
    The Office of Management and Budget will put out next year's budget on February 13th, instead of February 6th. Under the law, the budget is supposed to be released on the first Monday in February, but the administration has released the budget late in the past.
    The administration is also cutting down on printing costs, by curtailing the number of printed copies of the budget available to the media.
    "Also, this year, consistent with Administration-wide efforts to reduce spending, complementary printed copies of the Federal budget will not be provided to the media. However, the complete budget will be free online (as always) and available for purchase through the Government Printing Office," an official said in an email.

    Congressional Republicans are in the midst of a campaign designed to highlight the fact that the federal government has gone almost 1,000 days without a budget — operating on short-term spending bills instead.
    "A budget is desperately needed to get America's fiscal house in order," Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) said in a statement. "I'd recommend less time campaigning and more time spent addressing the impending fiscal crisis. We need a budget with a responsible spending restraint and pro-growth reforms and we need it now."


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