Salhi, instead of demanding mandate Khuzaie Talabani for a meeting of the Preparatory Committee of the National Conference
On: Friday 1/27/2012 0:44

BAGHDAD / WAP / called the Iraqi List MP Arshad Salhi, President Jalal Talabani to reveal a date for his return to the country.
He told the Baghdad international / WAP /: "The purpose of trying to figure out a date Back Talabani, to find out the fate of the preliminary meeting of the Committee, which does not bear the delay in the present situation."

Called the "mandate of deputy Khodair al instead of him in the presence of the preliminary meeting of the Committee in the event of delay in the arrival of Talabani to the country."

He said: "The pretext of the ongoing political blocs that the President of the Republic does not exist, what prevents the holding of any meeting there is an argument means that the present use by politicians as mood".