Report of the Economic Foundation Bloomberg media: Iraq under the management of poor
Posted 27/01/2012 07:26 AM
Washington - "arenas of Liberation"
A report is written by an American journalist Elliott Woods, Bulletin of the Foundation bloomberg, media economic mismanagement for the course in Iraq. American journalist spent a few weeks in the land of black. And those "Aldah weeks" to make our press survey (and Achtgna press release) in the position of a challenge, if not in a position of vulnerability. Time is spent American journalist, in our country not long, but the information that Laidlaw by rains. Touring the report between the economic, political and humanitarian Badran so that it appears is not reduced. But we chose to put the most important information, and put aside what is common and familiar to them in Iraq, in order to avoid repetition or prolongation.

A scene from Baghdad, as depicted by the report "Bloomberg"

According to some statistical measure, Iraq is now safer and more stable than it was ten years ago. In 2011, less than 1500 Iraqi civilians were killed by bombs and ambushes, sniping and other "hostile attacks," according to the merits of the Brookings Institution on Iraq, the lowest number since the fall of Saddam Hussein. Business owners say they have much more freedom than ever to travel or borrow from international lenders, and transfer of funds abroad. And the visitor can to Baghdad also felt that he sees signs of normal life after the war: shouts of young men watching soccer games in cafes, and the laughter of children who are out of school.

But Iraq is far from stable. Began as a wave of violence rocked the country since the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq on December 18 last year.

The end of the American Military Adventure in Iraq, the bloody long to onset of the focus of a doubt, to a large extent in the course of the country. In the scenario drawn by American officials are optimistic and their Iraqi counterparts, there will be an Iraq free from tyranny and terrorism, foreign occupation and will turn into a modern economy and is open in the heart of the Arab world. That vision recede recede a little bit each day, including the sectarian tensions appear again, corruption impedes development, and move against the leadership of the country's political opponents, and flirting with tyranny. And frequented the Iraqis to wonder aloud whether the most deadly attacks last a half-life of the war, or is, according to the citizen Abdul Sada and other many people who talked with them during the four weeks in the months of December and the second, who say they fear the collapse of another.

Officially, Iraq is now under new management and open for business. On 12 of December and during the luncheon Ave Chamber of Commerce in Washington, came to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the podium to speak with pride about the new Iraqand said that politics is the door of the economy, and security is the door of the policy and the economy, and the latter is the door of politics and security at the same time because there is a relationship between them. " . "When you improve any element of this tripartite system, will affect the whole system, and the whole equation.Destination may be lost in translation or it difficult to follow, but overall his message was clear: security is improving, and the political process moving, and the economy recovers and each of these three feeds on the other three in the course commendable, and the time for investment, now.
He said Iraq's trade minister, told him right after the 1351 al-Maliki said there is a foreign company registered in Iraq, of which less than 20 U.S. companies. He criticized the U.S. companies for failing to compete more aggressively for government contracts in Iraq. He added: "should not fear that the U.S. companies, especially in the south, the area safer now than it was before."
Security is still a challenge can not be denied, which is not only a challenge only the most obvious. Vbashan the oil sector, indicates the Iraqi contractor contractor Samer comprehensive, who attended the luncheon the Iraqi government that the latter fell far short of its contracts, and says that the government owes us five million dollars to more than two years on the work we have done with the oil south, and when you do not pay us, not Nsttih to pay for foreign suppliers and creditors.Which damage our credibility, "and a shawl is a company that provides drilling equipment and equipment logistics foreign-made for the Southern Oil Company, one of the national oil companies in Iraq. And associated work with the Iraqi government."

If you are a company Exxon Mobil (XOM), you work as a politician and not as a businessman and the major foreign companies are willing to lose money for 10 years before they earn money.
But for the small Iraqi companies like us, we can no longer bear this burden. "

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