Kurdish leaders: Al Hashimi was involved with terrorism will not allow him to leave Iraq

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Science center from a reliable source that the most prominent Kurdish leaders are uncertain of involvement in terrorist operations Tareq al-Hashemi, and they decided not to allow him to leave the territory of Kurdistan out of Iraq.
In the opinion of the Kurdish leaders that Hashemi actually involved in terrorist operations, and must take its course in eliminating transmission to the court.
The source said that the Kurdish leaders after Tiguenhm the involvement of al-Hashemi, they began to reduce attention to, and not to respond to their requests at the meeting, the signals do not want them to stay in their guest.
The judicial committee of nine judges is equally a problem of Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds, have stressed the need to appear in court Hashimi in Baghdad.
Hashemi and make efforts to occupy the political landscape of the heart marginally supported by the Iraqi list, in order to gain time, and confuse the political process to get rid of his appearance before the judiciary.