Talabani is due next Saturday to the country

26-01-2012 | (Voice of Iraq)

The head of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc in the parliament Fuad Masum, President Jalal Talabani will return to Iraq in the next three days, Iraq, stressing that it is in good health.

He said in an interview with The News} {the Euphrates on Thursday that "President Talabani in good health and will return in the next three days to Iraq."

He stressed that "President Jalal Talabani in good health and the health of the news that dealt with the deterioration of his health and it will come back after two or three days to Iraq."

The president, Jalal Talabani, left on Sunday of last week to the Federal Republic of Germany, to do some medical tests and surgical intervention conducted by his office said it was successful.

The presidency said in an earlier statement that Talabani will return to the homeland, if completed its preparations of the Preparatory Committee of the National Conference which called for him to pursue his efforts in finding solutions to a prompt and continuing to build a pluralist democratic federal Iraq.