Iraq decides to fly to India starting next week

03-10-2011 | (Voice of Iraq)-(aknews)

The Iraqi Transport Ministry announced on Monday, she decided to conduct flights to India a week starting next week.

He said the company's General Manager of Iraqi Airways General Saad Al-Khafaji Kurdistan News Agency (aknews) that "the General company for Iraqi Airways decided to open an air route with India with two flights per week."

"The opening of the line with India comes as a result went Iraqis to India for medical treatment as well as the need to expand trade with India."

He noted that "the General company for airlines to coordinate with regional States opening more airlines and closed lines, especially with the resumption of the developed countries.

Iraqi Airways was founded in 1937 by Iraqi Aviation Association, now known as Club air has been used Firnas at the beginning of its inception the British aircraft alone were made.

Iraqi air traffic ceased after the imposition of isolation on Iraq after Saddam's forces invaded Kuwait in 1990, prompting the United Nations to impose sanctions on Baghdad.

Saddam's Government at the time 13 Boeing 707 and 727 and 737 to Jordan and Tunisia and Iran in order to be safe from allied air attacks after the start of the war to liberate Kuwait, Iraq currently sells those aircraft as scrap for disposal of old fleet.

Iraq back gradually to global air transport journeys map after years of violence which attracts oil deals with billions of dollars of investors to do business trips.

But there is considerable disagreement between Baghdad and Kuwait on the compensation of billions of dollars of which some $ 1.2 billion for aircraft and components captured during the Iraqi invasion.

The Iraqi Government said last year that it would be phased out Iraqi Airways within three years to avoid claims of Kuwait national carriers flying to the Iraqi Airways lawsuits.

In May last year booked on Kuwait Iraqi Airways Office in Oman after obtaining a court ruling there, Iraqi officials said.

Iraq contracted with global companies including Boeing, us webombaghdet Canadian buying new to reconfigure its air fleet.From: Jafar Alunan. En: Abdullah Sabri