Araji: political blocs told us not to vote on the budget unless it includes a share of the oil and the will of every citizen
2012-01-25 12:35:10

BAGHDAD (Iba) .. Said the head of the Liberal parliamentary Bahaa al-Araji said his bloc had told all the political blocs in the Iraqi parliament would not vote on the budget for the year 2012 unless it includes a share of the oil and the will of each citizen. Explaining and found much sympathy by the political blocs to our demand.

Araji and that there are some parties want to use the budget to achieve some political gains, and the other wants to pressure the government. He confirmed that the Liberal bloc find that the budget came to serve the Iraqi people so we want to embody the service correctly and accurately proportional to the current requirements and the difficult economic conditions experienced by the citizen's critical, especially since there are more than 25% of the population below the poverty line.

He noted that the demands of Muqtada al-Sadr, which issued the impact of the National Alliance issued a statement saying it welcomed them and strive to achieve them must abide by their promises and our enemy, because the faithful at the royal family.

Araji said that people say that this is not possible for lack of exports this is true, but let's start from the families of poor and needy and that Ardha less than 400 thousand dinars a month and this does not cost the budget a lot because we are talking about 2 billion in the budget of $ 100 billion dollars and the expenses of many, especially in the sovereign positions.

He said the budget deficit always begin and end with a surplus.

Araji said that this requirement is achieving social justice and the fairness of the poor, because their survival to their poverty and their need will cost the state more than it spends because the effects of social and health would cost the state more.