Talabani end his treatment and return to Baghdad tomorrow
2012-01-25 21:43:48

BAGHDAD (Iba) .. Ended by President Jalal Talabani, his treatment in Germany and will arrive in the capital Baghdad on Thursday,

The MP for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Fouad Masum said Talabani had medical tests in Germany and will return directly to Baghdad to resume his initiative, which will hopefully lead to the current political crisis is resolved, especially as the majority of measures to meet the expected political blocs are subject to his return

In turn, confirmed the Iraqi bloc that the solution to the political crisis could be the implementation of the Convention on Arbil or early elections

The MP said the Iraqi Shaalan said, is that the current crisis will continue and the upcoming meeting will not work the fact that the preparations for it is serious work, noting that the option is the safest and best solution to the political crisis and Iraq is the implementation of the Convention on Arbil all of its terms or go to the option of early elections.