Iraqi bank: Insurance Visa Card, Master Card, cash is reduced to half
On: Tue 01/24/2012 20:25

Citizen - the follow-up

Iraqi bank decided to reduce the amount of insurance cash credit card by 50% in order to encourage a wide range of citizens to adopt.
Explained Director of Trade Bank of Iraq and the agency Hamdiya dry that «the bank decided to reduce the amount of insurance cash for cards Visa, MasterCard to 250 thousand Iraqi dinars instead of the previous amount was 500 thousand dinars, in order to encourage the use of credit cards for the largest segment of the aggregate of Iraq» .
She explained that the
«Trade Bank of Iraq issued for the first time in Iraq, the credit card (Anvent) with the global benefits and liabilities outstanding, and will be in the near future version of the card Visa Gold Card for all citizens who deal in foreign currency (dollar)».
She dry that «the bank will distribute POS Retail pos in the governorates of Iraq all, where such devices enables the cardholder's Credit Card, Visa and Master Card, local or foreign to conduct the procurement process and pay via these devices».

Shown (Rn) that «the ATM will be deployed in most halls Baghdad International Airport to withdraw cash from Visa Card, Master Card, world wars and in the currency of the dinar and the dollar».
Advocate «government and private banks to obtain the membership card companies Visa and MasterCard as a member of the global participant under the auspices of the Trade Bank of Iraq».
And established Trade Bank of Iraq in 2003, according to law No. 20 of the CPA dissolved at the time, and its law is based on belonging to the highest executive authority in the country, the prime minister. The share capital of the bank 500 billion Iraqi dinars, while seeking in the coming period to double its capital to a trillion dinars.