Set up the project (thread) of the administrative reform of Iraq's U.S. Agency for International Development

25/01/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - set up the project (thread) of the administrative reform of Iraq's U.S. Agency for International Development Workshop at its headquarters was attended by the management team and financial support from the Ministry of Culture, headed by Mr. Fawzi Atrushi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture on 24 / 1 / 2012, the project aims to provide coherence to the broad support for the Iraqi government to achieve the strategic goal of strengthening the institutions of public administration and improve services through better government and better management of human and financial resources. Has chosen the U.S. Agency for International Development Management Systems International (MSI) for the implementation of the project (administrative reform of Iraq), known as ((thread)).
opened the meeting (Mr. Nael Shbarro) Deputy Head of the project thread welcome speech in which he stressed the keenness of the project staff to provide assistance to all State ministries and in all the provinces, to develop the administrative work and financial help and the (250) lead expert teams to work in various fields. The action was based on the need for positive cooperation between the members of the project and between the concerned ministry in order to get positive results and will be following the development of detailed plans and periodic meetings, pointing out (to Iraq from countries with an abundance of financial resources with brains that contribute to the success of projects But Iraq lacks the (action plan) and we are in the thread will be our role in the development of these plans will succeed projects, ministries) and still talk to Mr. Shbarro (We are cooperating with the government to correct an error exists in the systems of laws that work pw these ministries, and we will try to resolve the existing problems with the privacy each ministry). Presented with an explanation about their experience in the Ministry of Education and stages of development work. Confirmed at the conclusion of his speech to cooperate by saying (by one Atcefq) for the success of projects and the promotion of economic reality, social and cultural Iraq.
Later, Mr. Fawzi Atrushi thanks and appreciation for crew team coherence and wishes to be the success of the project work in the Ministry of culture and expressed the ministry's readiness to cooperate for the success of the work the financial system and the administrative ministry, adding that the first of the business will be through a Najaf, the capital of the Islamic in 2012 and Baghdad, the capital of Arab culture for 2013, has pointed out in his talk to the (state allocated funds for the implementation of major projects, but lag the administrative and fear in exchange lead to the failure of These projects Miada to restore funds to finance without implementation, in order that we be the people of the efficiency and development and it would lead to building a new Iraq). Have pointed out some examples of which were the successful management of the cause of the success of the project Alparwamthel reception guests the Arab summit. He also pointed to the need to burn some stage routine administrative work, which delays the work, such as a string signatures and provide powers to the directors of departments and people to achieve smooth high in the line of transactions and projects constructive development.
The group reviewed the work of the workshop component of (11) a member of detailed explanations for actions that they will submit The Ministry is also came in the meeting:
- Mr. Haider al-Tai Senior Advisor and Head of development team ministries. Pointed out that the ultimate goal of the project thread is to strengthen the institutions of public administration and improve services by reforming the civil service, policy support Aama national Ntbaiq administrative decentralization, and explained that the first would be through the draft Ministry and the intention sincere in the success of these projects.
- Behnam Peter's head unit development ministries, and spoke about the role of the planning team managing to be submitted advisory services to assess the cultural reality of the signaling by the strengths and weaknesses, and help the team in the preparation of studies evaluating the cultural reality and show the necessary assistance in order to change the cultural and development.
_ Full Razak Project Officer Supply, where he presented definition of the term (supplies) which are held concern of the Inspector General, so the goal of this team is to ensure confidence in order to streamline the work and to achieve efficiency and equity, transparency and clear ethical standards in revenues and contracts signed between the Ministry and external parties. He pointed to the need to burn some stages, such as a series of signatures and give more powers to the managers.
- Mr. Ricardo and Mr. Haitham officials and financial management unit. And their role will come after the planning and procurement have been correctly will the financial benefit, adding that the goal of financial management is to build a high capacity for workers in finance, definition of duties of each ministry is responsible for the state budget, starting from the Ministry of Finance, Planning and parliament and the prime minister for the development of solutions to the problems with the ministries concerned and then the solution of problems with employees who are within the Ministry.
- Atheer Al-Yassin, head of project management and explained that their goal is to develop management systems investment projects of national-level ministries and upgrade them to the level of developed countries in this area by following the regulations the International Foundation for Project Management. He also said his role in the training of cadres of the Ministry to develop the technique in the management of projects according to the global system to benefit from the expertise and international experience, and not to transfer these experiences.
- Ali Taha Yassin official development system partition of Iraq. The Iraqi regime is a development program and as calculated on the Internet in order to manage the life cycle of the investment projects financed by the government or donors. He also said that the project will be a reliable and credible source high in the provision of information on development projects by sector ministries and provinces.
- Ali Shaker, a senior adviser in the correlation of information technology. Where he is stationed in visions of the project to improve service centers in accordance with international standards and where the prejudice to the employee with the citizen and the introduction of the concept (single window), the latest level of technology and the highest efficiency. The goal of this team is to provide awareness workshops for staff service, re-engineering of administrative procedures / services, infrastructure development for the server.
- Walid Khaled Ahmad El Asmar and officials from the Unit for the development of the institution. They presented a detailed explanation about their program, which aimed to improve the performance and effectiveness of government institutions to provide better services to users and to ensure the continuity of the development of governmental institutions and the development of standards and criteria for the performance of the institutional government, and finally a culture of transparency.
- authentic Hamid legal in the draft thread, Mr. authentic explanation of the need to give powers to the managers for rumor decentralization to reduce red tape negative administrative work, and the need to raise awareness about the concept of decentralization of state employees.
In conclusion, Mr. Fawzi Atrushi thanks and appreciation of the detailed explanation and hoped to benefit the experiences of the team in the development of cadres of the ministry and help them to overcome all that would disrupt and delay workflow and the success of all projects of the Ministry of Culture.

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