Department of the private sector in the Ministry of Trade: extensive meetings with the private sector to discuss the implications and requirements of the next phase of economic

25/01/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - pagoda (news) The Department of the private sector in the Ministry of Commerce, held meetings and numerous meetings with the private sector to discuss the requirements and implications of the economic phase ahead and in the process of transformation into a totalitarian system and the trend towards openness economy by open market and private sector support, in 2011. A statement of the Department of sectors, private and got the (agency news) copies of it: part of these meetings the presence of Director General of the Department Sabah Aboud fourth meeting of the Iraqi Council of French Employers in Baghdad as a representative from the ministry to bless the and reap the bilateral cooperation between the two countries at the level of industrial and commercial sectors of special addition to its presence as a member emeritus of Baghdad Chamber of Commerce to define the private sector endeavor of the Ministry of durable to support the private sector and at various levels and strengthen trade relations with the United States of America, especially among the private sectors in both countries and explain the implications of the economic phase future development of work and bring the views of benefiting from the American experience in this aspect. The report: The department has prepared over the past year guide investment opportunities for investment and opportunities granted investment licenses in Baghdad and the governorates and the Kurdistan Region over the past year in addition to promoting many of the specialized exhibitions, internal and external and follow-up investment opportunities with the relevant authorities. The report said: The department informed the economic organizations of professional (37) Arab and foreign companies want to deal with those in Iraq and to enter the Iraqi market in addition to its provision of business information laws, data and instructions of the investment opportunities, prices, and conventions across the site email as well as provide evidence of trade of the countries of the world to Iraqi businessmen in 15 countries.

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