Barzani, Abu Risha refer to just distribution to national wealth

  • ARBIL / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi Kurdistan President Masoud Barzani stressed the importance of just distribution of national wealth and natural resources. During his meeting with Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha and his delegation, Barzani stated that "Iraq is the country for all with its national and religious components, who are the strength of the democratic system".

    In a statement issued, the delegation comprised Anbar governor, number of tribal sheikhs, parliament members and Anbar provincial council members. On his side, Abu Risha stressed the necessity to implement Arbil agreement to solve the present political crisis and supported the initiative made by President Barzani. He suggested opening a direct route between the Kurdish region and Anbar for the benefit of both sides. The statement added that "both sides stressed supporting the national conference, which should concentrate on real partnership, permanent constitution and avoiding previous obstacles".

Aswat Aliraq 2012