Talabani's health did not help him to complete his term of current and potential alternative Barham Salih!
Palm - the transfer of all deputies in the Kurdistan Alliance said the news from Germany, where the addresses of President Jalal Talabani in one of the hospitals in high-end non-reassuring and information was nominated for his companions stating he would return to Baghdad in mid-next month after the first phase of treatment to resign from the presidency of the Republic and the nomination of Deputy in the National Union Party, Barham Salih, instead.
The head of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc in the House of Representatives and leader of the Patriotic Union of Fouad Masum has been ruled to hold a national conference called by Talabani this month, said in a press statement that the convening of this conference is linked to the return of the President of the Republic, His idea, but he hinted that his contract may be delayed or is replaced to meet with leaders of the blocs. Talabani is suffering from several diseases, the most serious of which resulted in hardening of the arteries of a stroke in his right foot is still suffering from the brunt, despite receiving treatment in Jordan and the United States during the past five years. This hand according to a presidential statement, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani held in Germany surgery in paragraphs crowned with complete success, stressing that Talabani also held a number of tests and medical examinations and is now in good health and well-being full, and that he had received phone calls from a large number of political leaders in the country It is the leaders of a number of brotherly and friendly countries, where safety Henoh wish him continued health and wellness. The statement continued serving President Talabani in Germany is currently convalescing normally short recommendation and supervision of the attending physician.