In meeting most of its leaders. Iraq postpones crucial decision to Thursday

Date: Monday 23-01-2012 11: 17 pm

Baghdad (newsletter).Iraqi list held a meeting to study all their most options for them to face the current crisis in the political process, the critical decision deferred to a meeting next Thursday.
A source from within the list (for Agency newsletter News) Monday: Iraqi list decided at a meeting, evening, examine all the options before it to take a decisive position on the return of its members to Government, Parliament or becoming opposition block, or may evolve to take a position on the political process as a whole, as responsive partners in the political process.
Added: today's meeting discussed the positions of all parties of the current crisis in the political process, Iraqi leaders decided to continue efforts to contain the crisis and come up with solutions to serve the national interest and satisfied at the same time the Iraqi voter, wedaoua different political blocs to show goodwill and give priority to the national interest.
The source pointed out: the existing leaders decided to postpone taking any firm decision to list a meeting next Thursday. /Finished/33. r. u/