Yassin al-Obeidi: Everyone questioned everyone in the launch of the promises and the implementation of safeguards

Date: Monday, 23/01/2012 14:18

Baghdad (news) .. the leader of the Bloc MP for dialogue / coalition in Iraq / Yasin al-Obeidi, all the political blocs questioned everyone in the launch of the promises and guarantees in its implementation.

Obeidi said in a statement (the Agency news) on Monday: The names National Conference and the place does not matter the Iraqi List, as far as the seriousness of the second party (the National Alliance) to resolve the current problems, stating: that the cause of the current crisis is the question all the political blocs among themselves, especially in cases involving the implementation of the promises and assurances that fire them.

The Iraqi MP: The Tagiralmatmr National will be the current scene, pointing out that the political blocs capture the conference for the launch of their ideas and opinions in spite of the current problem related to the Iraqi National Alliance. / Finished / 7. N. R /