Economist: Western oil companies are winning the war in Iraq

01/23/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add Comment - (Rn), said an economist and industry analyst, said that Western companies are more winners from the fall of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, as they returned to Iraq and invested in the oil sector. Juaz Anthony said that he "Before 2003 and the occupation of Iraq from America, were not in Iraq any foreign company and Western, but thanks to the occupation, Thanks to him I went companies to this country and invested in the oil sector," according to site (U Kyi Progress) British. He Juaz that "Iraq had expulsion of all foreign companies from the country in 1973, but now and after all these years, it has returned to him by BP, Exxon Mobil and Shell, began to invest, therefore, those companies are the winners from behind the Iraq war. " Saddam Hussein had announced in the fourth of March / March 1972 the nationalization of oil and the expulsion of foreign companies of the country. For his part, said Executive Director of BP, Andy Oangels, that "there are long-term relationships in the oil business with Iraq, and we will continue to find opportunities to invest more in this country . " The Chancellor and the economist Abdulhai Yahya, said that "Western companies have entered into several decades, despite the lack of transparency and a clear vision about the legal problems in Iraq." He pointed out that "the Iraqi government granted some small pieces of cake to China and some other countries in order to silence her, In other words, investment in the oil sector was awarded to European companies. " and you get BP British annual two billion U.S. dollars in the development of the Rumaila field, while a company Exxon Mobil, the American billion and $ 600 million and the "Shell" Dutch to $ 913 million annually, According to the Foundation (Bloomberg) U.S.. From: dominated Hadi, see: Ihsan Aervani

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