State law: Mutlaq al-Maliki will discuss keeping the office in case of introducing a formal apology
Date: Monday, 23/01/2012 20:55

BAGHDAD - Yes, Mohammed Hassan

Said a coalition of state law that Prime Minister Nuri al-will be discussed to keep Saleh al-Mutlaq his position in the event of introducing a formal apology, calling at the same time, al-Mutlaq, «to give up also its current approach». A member of the state of law Ihsan Al-Awadi's (Citizen) on «I think it possible to discuss Prime Minister subject to keep Saleh al-Mutlaq his position in the cabinet in the event of introducing a formal apology after accusing Prime Minister (b Acanutanor), noting «that the al-Mutlaq give up also for its current and comply with the approved al-Mutlaq, when assigned to him the post of deputy prime minister. He was the head of the Liberal Parliamentary Bahaa al-Araji, has called on Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq, an apology from the Prime Minister. He said a press release issued by the Liberal block »that al-Araji received a delegation from the Iraqi List, in his office with some of the members of the Liberal bloc, was the debate between the two sides on the political situation in Iraq and focus on the problem between the Iraqi List and the rule of law and the Iraqi government. Araji and »was discussed during the meeting on the issue and the need Hashemi left to spend and not to interfere with. He pointed out »that the Iraqi List, was to have some readings and demanded to be some guarantees for fair trial and the development of stable and guarantees that Hashemi Vice President of the Republic. Araji said» were addressed during the meeting on the subject of Saleh al-Mutlaq and his disagreement with the Prime Minister and Ugena him by saying he did not act in an acceptable and must submit an apology at least. Asserting »the Iraqi List, has provided a lot of problems and demands, he» that some demands are legitimate. He called al-Araji »Iraqi List, the need to return to Parliament in order that there be close and there is interest and the admissibility of the Iraqi people to stand with them in achieving some of the demands legitimate.