Urgent. The hotfix package (19 ministries). Badr al-Abbadi seeks parliamentary statement sacking ministers!
Date: Tuesday, 25-08-15 11:14 am

The intention of the Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, launch a package of reforms within days, include a new reduction in his Ministry, as Deputy, stressed that "when you settle down cabin Abbadi 19 ministries, demanding change all Ministers and faces" that produced the destructive to the country ".
But lawmakers emphasized that the National Alliance and the Kurdistan Alliance, demanding government reforms should not exceed "principle, fearing loss of ministerial representation, while Badr bloc demanded the Prime indication of parliamentary" reasons to exempt a number of Ministers ", urging him to reveal the criteria for acceptance and rejection of the Ministers of his booth.
And the Supreme religious authority said Najaf support mass movement, and called on the Prime Minister to "strike hard on tampering with people's money."
Legal Committee revealed in the House of representatives, receive information indicating that new reforms will Abadi, including merge other ministries to settle cab when 19 Ministerial Department, means the dismissal of other Ministers.
While the legal Committee that such reforms "begun implementing the head of Government, would not be a radical solution to eliminate rampant corruption, accumulated during the 13 years", calling for "a complete change in the cabin".
For its part, called the Badr, Al-Abadi block today, via "reasons to exempt a number of Ministers, within the reform programme launched recently.
She asked the bloc, it said, "does the exemption was for failing or weakness or be corrupt?" Calling the statement "standard of survival and forgiveness".